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Many unusual 2023 summer smash hits: unusual collaborations for sure successes



Summertime, music time: with the heat, the sea, the beach, swimming, the mountains and nature excursions, the classic summer smash hits are back again. These songs and their refrains get into your head and can’t really get out. Their words become part of your day, and you repeat them over and over again.


2023 summer smash hits: a soundtrack to every season!

Every summer has its soundtrack, and 2023 is the season of duets, many collaborations and features. Loved, hated, criticised, listened to on a loop, replayed repeatedly by all the radio stations to entertain, colour and lighten our days, and give light-heartedness and serenity.


Fedez, Annalisa, Articolo 31-Disco Paradise

Let’s start with Fedez, Annalisa, Articolo 31; their Disco Paradise is depopulating thanks to its bursting eighties sound. Meanwhile, Annalisa has the task of singing the highlight refrain of a cool, upbeat song on everyone’s lips.

Articolo 31, Annalisa and Fedez
Photo credits: Instagram – Articolo 31, Annalisa and Fedez

However, Annalisa also does very well on her own. Her song Mon Amour has become a cult hit, which everyone has been humming at least once.


Achille Lauro and Rose Villain

Achille Lauro
Photo credits: Instragram – Achille Lauro

Achille Lauro and Rose Villain with Fragole (literally, Strawberries) have chosen a song between pop and reggae, full of allusions, revolving around a forbidden fruit, the strawberry.


Marco Mengoni and Elodie

For this summer, two great voices joined forces for the first time and immediately conquered the top of the charts with an unexpected duet. Marco Mengoni and Elodie, with their track Pazza Musica call on us all to relax and forget our daily concerns.

Marco Mengoni and Elodie
Photo credits: Instagram- Marco Mengoni and Elodie

It is a catchy, fresh tune, blending jazz and blues with a retro vibe. They encourage us to run over our fears and panic.


From Tiziano Ferro to Boomdabash and Paola & Chiara

Tiziano Ferro also triumphs. His track Destinazione mare combines slightly melancholic lyrics with intense electro-dance music.

Tiziano Ferro
Photo credits: Instagram -Tiziano Ferro

Boomdabash is a band producing a smash hit every year. They welcomed the new season with the single Lambada in collaboration with Paola & Chiara. Between reggaeton and dance-pop, the performers unleash a trip to the 1990s, between nights on the beach and the Italian singing competition known as Festivalbar.


The ever-popular Orietta Berti and the modern Fabio Rovazzi

At the age of 80, Orietta Berti is once again the queen of summer, thanks to her collaboration with Fabio Rovazzi. Their song Discoteca italiana is a fresh, fun, and ironic song.

Orietta Berti and Fabio Rovazzi
Photo credits: Instagram – Orietta Berti and Fabio Rovazzi

In our hit parade, you cannot miss Elettra Lamborghini, the queen of twerking, with Mani in Alto, a hymn to love, passion and fun during summer nights, performed over Latin American rhythms.


More news from 2023

Another nice and unexpected news is the singing debut of some producers, such as the well-known and award-winning producer Drillionaire. With Sfera Ebbasta, Lazza, Blanco and Michelangelo, Blanco’s producer, he recorded Bon Ton, one of this summer’s most iconic tracks.

Pinguini Tattici Nucleari
Photo credits: Instagram – Pinguini Tattici Nucleari

Merk & Kremont involved Tananai and Marracash in Un Altro Mondo, an insight into deep love in a seemingly superficial world. Even the Pinguini Tattici Nucleari don’t miss a beat and produce one hit after another. The band from Bergamo is in high radio rotation with the romantic Rubami la notte, a tribute to nightlife, during which new loves are born and grow. Then we must mention The Kolors, with their Italodisco, the first song signed with the Warner Music Italy record company and full of ’80s atmospheres. The track, playing on the nostalgia effect, is a real revelation for a song not conceived to be a smash hit and is very popular.


2023 summer smash hits: dance-filled season

Many deafening tracks will accompany our hot summer. We should also mention Ernia, Fabri Fibra and Bresh, who sign Parafulmini, Emma, Tony Effe, Takagi & Ketra with their enthralling Taxi sulla luna together. Then, Ariete, by now a certainty on the Italian music scene, with his romantic Un’altra ora, Alfa with Bellissimissima, a dedication already becoming one of the most shared on social networks and one of the most sung.

Moreover, Ana Mena and Guè with Acquamarina, Finesse, Shiva, Sfera Ebbasta and Guè with Gelosa, Rkomi, Irama and Shablo with Hollywood, Ava, Anna, Capo Plaza with Vetri neri, Tommaso Paradiso and the Baustelle with Amore indiano and Mr Rain and Sangiovanni with La fine del mondo. Musica, estate, mare

In short, a summer to dance to, with beaches turned into open-air discos, energy, rhythm and an explosion of vitality amidst sequins and Hawaiian shirts, retro sounds, reggaeton, ballads and modern electronics. Let’s carry by these smash hits! Faithful companions of our holidays, travels, long queues on the motorway and many moments of our day, these songs are a good manner to exorcise reality and dive into a carefree and cheerful world.

Happy holidays and good music to everyone!!!

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