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Wine tourism opens the door to the Italy of wine


The term “vendemmia” (grape harvest) comes from Latin “vinum,” meaning wine, and “demere,” meaning to harvest.
Since the dawn of time, peasant culture has held the vineyard, grapes and their natural transformation into wine in high regard.


When harvesting takes place, one is led to think of an atmosphere of celebration, sharing, where the work and labors of an entire year are concentrated into a few weeks of labor.


After much work, a memorandum of understanding was finally signed between  Ispettorato Nazionale del Lavoro and l’Associazione Nazionale Città del Vino .

This agreement makes it possible to give the green light for the first time in Italy to the “tourist grape harvest.” This offers the opportunity for all those who want to experience the joy of harvesting, tourists and visitors alike, to be able to participate in this activity for free and for a short time without incurring penalties, as it is now regularized.



Wine and Italian wine tourism


This activity, if married with stays in accommodations in the territories where the grape harvest takes place, will allow the phenomenon of wine tourism to increase its numbers, both in visitors and turnover. Suffice it to say that the economic flow is around 2.5 billion euros a year.

Enthusiastic about the project is the national vice-president of the Wine Cities and regional coordinator of Sicily, who called on the mayors of the territories not to miss this opportunity to increase the touristic turnaround, so as to revitalize the territories.



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