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Italian Air Force Centennial Celebration: a Striking Spectacle in the Skies of Pratica di Mare



A fantastic and unique celebration of the centenary of the birth of the Italian Air Force was held in Pratica di Mare, Rome, in recent days.


Pratica di Mare Airshow

Daring fliers, thanks to their particular skills and hard training, ploughed the skies of Pratica di Mare, a suburb of Pomezia.

With the presence of President Mattarella and Defense Minister Crosetto, officers of the weapon performed spectacular aerobatic games with their Frecce Tricolori ( literally “Tricolour Arrows”). Also known as 313th Acrobatic Training Group or National Aerobatic Patrol, they are undisputed protagonists during the Italian Republic Day celebrations.

The display of aircraft such as the Caproni Ca.3 to the G-91 and the TF-104, made this beautiful event impressive, with a flyover of the formation that drew the number 100 in the sky.


 Air Force: a real national pride

The Italian Air Force, pride of our nation, got the celebration and celebration it deserved. It was a great success that allowed young and old to have fun and dream.

Among the many participants was the president of the A.S. Roma football club, Dan Friedkin, a great fan of planes and flying. The president in turn performed with the Horsemen Flight Team, the world’s only patrol aircraft on P-51 Mustangs, aircraft that served in the Air Force until 1960.

During WW2, these planes were engaged on the European front to counter the German Luftwaffe and its offensives.


Air Force and kids

So, the one of these days is and will long remain in the minds of even the youngest children, who dream of one day donning a suit and climbing into one of those dream aircraft.

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