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Can Yaman in Benevento: A bitter meeting between expectation and disappointment



On a hot June afternoon, many journalists waited for the arrival of famous Turkish actor Can Yaman, really in vain.

Can, the protagonist of a meeting held in Benevento on the occasion of BCT, largely disappointed the expectations of the many present, going so far as not to dedicate even a greeting.


At that point, journalists and stymied fans created the first speculations such as, “Maybe he doesn’t speak Italian” while others retorted with “Greeting is international, we are here to do our job.”

Can Yaman without smiles

A great regret and displeasure for the many present, who were disappointed by a person who enjoys being a star in a small town in Campania, forgetting, no doubt, that he is not on stage in Hollywood.


They conclude: “Yaman we are in Benevento, give us a smile.”


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