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Harrison Ford in Sicily: the official farewell to Indiana Jones



The well-known US actor Harrison Ford arrived in Sicily, where he explained the decision to end the Indiana Jones saga at the Taormina Film Fest.
The actor said that it will be the last time that cinema’s most famous archaeologist will be seen onscreen, but it will be done in the right way.

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Harrison Ford and the retirement of the archaeologist

During the Fest, Ford explained that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have always introduced innovations to make the saga more dynamic, even including Sean Connery, who played the character of the father.
Hence the need to introduce the 80-year-old American actor’s retirement.

According to Ford, that of the saga will be a real ending, not like the typical ones of the 1950s, which hinted that there would be a sequel.
The film, according to the actor, was the brainchild of Spielberg and Lucas, whose sole purpose was to entertain and amuse the audience.


Telling the ‘secret’ of the character he brings to the screen for the fifth time in the film to be released on 28 June, Ford declares that he plays an archaeologist, not a hero: his desire has always been to make the audience feel the fears and triumph of his character. He concludes by pointing out that Indiana Jones behaved a certain way when he was young, now he behaves differently.

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