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Italy is a paradise destination for 7 out of 10 tourists: a place where nature, art and culture come together


Italy, from the Alps to Salento, from sfogliatella to polenta, is undoubtedly the favourite destination of foreigners.
According to a survey conducted by Polara, a Sicilian soft & well drink company, which celebrates its 70th anniversary this year and is present in around 50 countries around the world, around 7 out of 10 holidaymakers would prefer the peninsula to all other world destinations.


People come to this conclusion because Italy encompasses one of the richest cultural, artistic, historical and natural heritage in the world, managing to bring together all possible types of holiday.

The monitoring was carried out taking into account about 10000 posts, comments and reviews published on social networks by foreign tourists in Italy.

Words full of pride are those of Polara’s owner, who explains that the peninsula is the country of great beauty and good living. This recognition comes both from foreigners and from all those who have brought Italianism abroad.


Italy, but what attracts foreigners?

The study shows that more than half of the tourists are impressed: by the way Italians live (68%), by the way we dress (64%), by our hospitality (62%), by the way we eat (58%).
Tourists also appreciate of the European boot: the food and drink (67%), the natural heritage (64%), the cultural heritage (59%), the artistic heritage (57%), the climate (55%), the historic city centres (53%).

Great praise also for the churches, which represent one of the most fascinating heritages of Italian art.

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