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Prada lands on the Moon: spacesuits for the Artemis III mission


Prada lands on the moon

The Moon has always been a source of fascination and mystery to mankind. It has inspired legends, tales and dreams. Now, reality surpasses fantasy and the Moon becomes a catwalk for fashion. Prada, the famous Italian luxury brand, is preparing to reach space with its innovative space suits. It will be the most exclusive fashion show in history: a moon landing 51 years after the last one.

Prada has been given a prestigious assignment: to design the Nasa suits for the Artemis III lunar mission. This mission, planned between 2025 and 2026, will again take astronauts to the Moon. It will also be the first time a woman will set foot on our satellite. Nasa has entrusted Axiom, a private company, with a $228 million contract to make the suits.

The collaboration between Prada and Axiom

To create the space suits, the Milan-based company will collaborate with Axiom. Together, they will develop innovative solutions for both materials and design. The suits will have to protect the astronauts from the challenges of the lunar environment. They will have to provide oxygen, water, lighting and communication. They will also have to be equipped with specialised instruments for exploration and scientific research.

Lorenzo Bertelli, marketing director of the Prada Group, said: ‘For the design of the outer layer we will focus on functionality, but there will also be some room for creativity. The basic model will be the Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit (xEmu), which will be adapted to the needs of the new mission.

Prada will deploy its expertise in raw materials, production techniques and design. Its goal is to ensure the astronauts’ comfort on the lunar surface. Prada will also take into account human factors, which are often overlooked in traditional space suits.

The AxEMU suit will be the space suit for the Artemis era. It will incorporate the decades of experimentation, study and innovation collected by Prada since the 1990s, when it participated in the America’s Cup with Luna Rossa. It is a celebration of creativity and innovation in the progress of civilisation.

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