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The Deer Moon: The long-awaited astronomical spectacle of summer 2023



We are ready for the first astronomical event of summer 2023.
The first supermoon of the summer is coming: the Deer Moon, which will open a series of important summer events, which will be about 4. It will have the shortest distance between our natural satellite and Earth.

Thanks to live feeds on YouTube and Facebook from EdulNAF of the National Institute of Astrophysics, it will be possible to observe it with the “Sky in the Living Room” series appointment.

This Deer will be the first of four supermoons for the year. Despite this, the definition of a supermoon has never been confirmed by the International Astronomic Union, which suggests that it remains something unofficial.

On the flip side, however, we have what astrologer Richard Nolle wrote in 1979, that a full moon or new moon is “super” if it reaches at least 90 percent of its maximum possible perigee.

When can we talk about a supermoon?

So, in a nutshell, we can ascribe the name supermoon to a moon that is no more than 361,885 km from Earth, measured from the centers of the two celestial bodies. The one on July 3 will be 361,934 km from us: therefore, based on Nolle’s definition, it is not a supermoon; nevertheless, it will be possible to enjoy an assured spectacle.


The Deer Moon

The name of this full moon comes from American tradition, as it usually sprouts new deer antlers in July. However, it is also known as the Full Moon of thunderstorms, which tended to be more frequent during this season.


To follow the live youtube stream click here!


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