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Marché Vert Noël in Aosta from 25 November 2023


The second stop in Initaly.eu ‘Christmas Markets’ column is the ‘Marché Vert Noël‘ Christmas market.

Come and discover it with us!


Albero di Natale innevato al Marchè Vert Noel


When does the ‘Marchè Vert Noël’ take place?


From 25 November 2023 to 7 January 2024


When does the ‘Marché Vert Noël’ open?


  • 10.30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • 25 December and 1 January: 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.


Where does it take place?


It will take place in the Roncas, Caveri and John XXIII (Cathedral) squares in the historic centre of Aosta.


I trenta Chalet di legno verranno posti nelle tre piazze principali del centro storico di Aosta


From 25 November until 7 January 2024, one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Italy will take place in Aosta.

During these days, the historic centre of Aosta will be transformed into a true Alpine village consisting of more than 30 wooden chalets that will be decorated with garlands and Christmas lights.

In the evocative village of the ‘Marché Vert Noël’, everyone will be able to appreciate the splendid Christmas atmosphere that will be possible to breathe in every corner, literally being enraptured by the warmth of the chalets, the warm Christmas lights, and the handicraft production of the Aosta Valley with unique handicrafts.

The Aosta Valley is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and enthralling regions in Italy, and experiencing it during the Christmas period is even more so.

Les Cadeaux de Noël
Les Cadeaux de Noël

Christmas, even as a child, is imagined with snow and smoking chimney pots, so where else but in Aosta is it possible to experience it this way?


During your tour of the Christmas markets, you can come across and admire the demonstrations of the Valdostan craftsmen, who are able to transform inert pieces of wood into extraordinary works of art in a matter of minutes.

Among the items on sale are wooden or ceramic objects, hemp, wool or felt fabrics, soaps and scented candles… original and unusual gift ideas.

In addition, along the route, it will be possible to find chalets offering a whole range of local food and wine delicacies, from Fontina, a cheese that is matured for about three months, to Lardo di Arnad DOP and Bosses DOP raw ham.

In addition to eating, the best way to warm up is to taste the local pastries and drink the warm glasses of mulled wine.

A visit to the ‘Marché Vert Noël’ also allows visitors to discover the information chalets that explain the Valley’s main tourist attractions such as the Mont Blanc Skyway, the Pré-Saint-Didier Thermal Baths and the Bard Fortress.

Aosta, in addition to the Christmas Market, offers the opportunity to experience and follow other initiatives that are always part of the “Marché Vert Noël” and therefore related to Christmas.

All this, combined with the unique location and the surrounding mountains, makes this Christmas Market one of the most evocative in northern Italy.

Forte di Bard ad Aosta, utilizzato per eventi e concerti.
Fortress of Bard

The Castle of Aymavilles


At the castle of Aymavilles, every year you can experience magical moments with Christmas as the main theme.

In the valley of Cogne, the Castle of Aymavilles cannot go unnoticed, thanks to its prominent position and the unique combination of its four towers with sinuous lines and its white, linear façades.

The castle’s current appearance is the result of work commissioned in the 18th century by Joseph-Félix de Challant, who sought to blend medieval and baroque elements in an eclectic structure.

Inside, the castle houses two stories linked to 19th-century collecting: that of Vittorio Cacherano Osasco della Rocca, the last descendant of the Challant family, and that of the Accademia di Sant’Anselmo, an institution devoted to the preservation of local historical memories.

Visitors are welcomed into an atmosphere reminiscent of a 19th-century house-museum, but at the same time retaining the essence of medieval vestiges, culminating in the attic with an extraordinary wooden beam structure dating back to the 15th century.

Il castello di Aymavilles si prepara per la magia del Natale.
Castle of Aymavilles


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