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Mare Fuori tells Naples: discover the locations



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The TV series ‘Mare Fuori’, launched over the years by RAI, has become a true national and international success.

Over the course of the three seasons, the many fans have had the opportunity to discover fantastic locations and get lost in the beautiful scenery of the city of Naples.

But do you know them all?

Come and discover them with us!


Naval Base of the Navy

cast di Mare Fuori

Let’s start with the symbolic location of the series, the world-famous naval base of the Marina Militare, located in Via Acton in Naples. It was transformed into the IPM of Nisida for the set.

Undoubtedly, it has become the famous location for the series, being present in all episodes of Mare Fuori. But why should it be visited?

The San Vincenzo pier, where the naval base is located, allows visitors to enjoy a splendid walk of about four kilometres along the sea, reaching the lighthouse and then the end of the pier. There stands the famous statue of San Gennaro, who protects the Gulf of Naples.


Bagnoli jetty


Another wonderful location to visit, without a shadow of a doubt, is the Bagnoli jetty, where Ciro and his sister Rosa reminisce about their childhood during the third season.

The pier was built in the 1960s and became the main docking place for ships unloading materials for Italsider.

Along the wharf, it is possible to admire a splendid panorama, which opens onto the Gulf of Pozzuoli, the islands of Procida and Ischia, and also allows a glimpse of the islet of Nisida.

Needless to say, the Bagnoli area also allows one to relax, spending an evening with friends at one of the many lidos present, and enjoy an excellent evening aperitif.


Naples’ alleys


Undoubtedly iconic are the ‘vicarielli e Napule‘, narrow alleys in the historic centre that fully recall the origins and traditions of the Neapolitan city.

In the third season we have the chance to see them several times thanks to Gaetano ‘O Pirucchio, who lives there; he moves to work in the pizzeria near Porta San Gennaro.

Piscina Mirabilis, Villa Mirabilis and the  Schiacchetiello


A must-see is undoubtedly Villa Mirabilis, an elegant structure in Bacoli.

In the first episode of the third season, ‘O Chiattillo takes Naditza out to lunch, in the restaurant overlooking the Schiacchetiello inlet, opposite the islet of Punta Pennata.

A few metres away is the ‘Cathedral of Bacoli water’, the marvellous Piscina Mirabilis, on Via dei Campi Elisi. It is a monumental Roman cistern, made of arches and columns, which stars Ciro and Rosa in the season final.

The Gaiola

Speaking of the sea, it is impossible not to mention the beautiful Gaiola, an enchanting place with its underwater park in Posillipo.

During the fourth episode of the third season, Gaetano is killed by Mimmo right at the Gaiola: a terrible scene with an idyllic panorama.

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Alla Gaiola in mare fuori Mimmo uccide o Pirucchio

The Toledo station

We cannot fail to close your beautiful itinerary with the very famous Toledo station of the Naples Metro Line 1.

Mare Fuori begins right here, when Filippo, a young Milanese from a good family, meets Naditza, a gypsy who commits petty crimes to ‘take refuge’ in the IPM (Istituto Penitenziario Minorile) and escape from her parents.

The scene at the station sees the two young people share a fleeting kiss to distract Filippo and the guards while he steals his wallet.

The charming Line 1 station is located in the San Giuseppe district and has been recognised as the most beautiful station in Europe.

Inside there is a veritable gallery of the sea, an area completely covered in blue and ochre tiles, which then lead to a beautiful cone of natural light coming through the ceiling.

A veritable museum of contemporary art, which does not seem strange, since the entire Line 1 of Naples has museums.

Located in the middle between Piazza Dante and Piazza del Plebiscito, along the iconic streets of Via Roma and Via Toledo, it leads to the Galleria Umberto I.

For any information please consult the website of ANM

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