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Cremona’s Torrone Festival 2023



Cremona’s Torrone Festival, from November 11 to November 19, 2023: A Sweet Delight for the Avid

The Cremona Torrone Festival is back, an event that has been celebrating one of the most cherished local delicacies for twenty-six years, attracting visitors from all over Italy and beyond. This free-entry fair will take place from November 11 to November 19, 2023, spanning nine days of events, tastings, and historical reenactments in the historic heart of the city, encompassing Piazza Stradivari, Via Gramsci, Cortile Federico II, and Via Lombardini.

For this occasion, the city comes alive with vibrant colors, bustling stalls brimming with torrone and other local specialties, captivating performances that pay homage to Cremonese culture, and special activities tailored for children.


Tende bianche in successione con folla di persone


Torrone, the history of this Cremonese specialty

The undisputed star of the show is torrone: originally crafted in Cremona, it is believed to have made its debut on October 25, 1441, at the banquet celebrating the marriage of the Duke of Milan, Francesco Sforza, and Bianca Maria Visconti. For this momentous occasion, the sweet treat was shaped in the form of the Torrazzo, the city’s iconic bell tower, once known as the Torrione. The term “torrone” may also have originated from the bell tower’s name, though an earlier rendition of this delightful combination of egg whites, honey, sugar, and almonds was already known in Spain as “turròn.” This, in turn, could have derived from the Latin word “torrēre,” meaning “to toast,” alluding to the toasting of nuts.


Un dolce bianco con nocciole e mandorle a forma di rettangolo
nougat with ingredients


Cremona’s Torrone Festival 2023: What’s New

This year’s edition of Cremona’s Torrone Festival promises to be a tremendous crowd-pleaser, thanks to the unmissable events organized by the City of Cremona and the Chamber of Commerce of Cremona, with the support of the Lombardy Region.

Brand-new installations are ready to welcome visitors, offering them a unique and engaging experience. One of these highlights is the “Torrone Factory – Sperlari Live Bar,” established by Cremona-based company Sperlari, where enthusiasts can be guided by an expert Torrone Master to grasp the intricacies of torrone production, from the blending of ingredients to the cooking process and the creation of the classic block.

This year, the Torrone Festival will also feature a gastronomic partnership with the city of Terni, Umbria, known for its unique “Panpepato.” Furthermore, Sardinia will be celebrated with a tribute presented by SGP Grandi Eventi in collaboration with the SaDomu Sarda Association, bringing a group of Sardinian performers to stage a Mamuthones show, a well-known carnival mask from Nuoro.


Pezzi di dolce bianco avvolti in pellicola trasparente su bancarella, persone che comprano


The program of Cremona’s Torrone Festival 2023

The program for the Torrone Festival is extensive and rich, featuring live events, roaming performances, tastings, showcooking sessions by local pastry chefs like Andrea Regonati, award ceremonies, and cultural events designed for both adults and children, all aimed at exploring and discovering the quintessential Christmas sweet.

Don’t miss the historical procession reenacting the marriage of Sforza and Visconti, scheduled for Sunday, November 12 at 4:00 PM. There’s also the ceremony of the “Golden Torrone,” exhibitions, and tastings of the finest torrone from all over Italy. Additionally, the “Torrone on the Go” initiative this year will allow visitors to taste not only torrone but also famous spirits, from Vermouth to Cognac.


Exclusive events at Cremona’s Torrone Festival

Among the exclusive events, born from the skill of local artisans, is the Rivoltini Alimentare Dolciaria exhibition dedicated to Ugo Tognazzi, the renowned director and actor. He will be portrayed with an airbrush on a large torrone slab. All visitors can witness this incredible artistic performance and, at its conclusion, receive a taste of the artwork. Another highlight is the “Torrone Trial,” a particularly amusing and entertaining performance, and especially the tribute to “Grana Padano,” another local DOC product. On this occasion, master pastry chefs will attempt to create a torrone installation that replicates the cheese, and they will distribute pieces of it to the audience after the performance.

For a journey into the past, the historic “Sweet Express” train is back: from Milan Central Station to Cremona, a 1922 steam locomotive and 1930s-style carriages offer a unique opportunity to enjoy this specialty on board.

This year, there’s also the “Aperitorrone,” a new addition where the city’s best bartenders will create innovative cocktails enriched with torrone flakes. Festival visitors can also sample the first torrone liqueur produced by Gioie di Cerere by Robert Rosset, accompanied by biscuits and sbrisolona.


Una chiesa e una torre con un orologio in cima


Information, dates, and hours of Cremona’s Torrone Festival

  • Where: Historic center of Cremona, in the commercial areas of Piazza Stradivari, Via Gramsci, and Cortile Federico II;
  • Dates: from November 11 to November 19, 2023;
  • Hours: from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM;
  • Prices: free admission;
  • Program: To view the complete program with individual events divided by day, please refer to the official website of Cremona’s Torrone Festival 2023.

How to get to Cremona and where to park for the Torrone Festival

To reach Cremona for the Festival, if you’re coming by car from Milan, Parma, or Turin, you can take the Castelvetro Piacentino exit and follow the signs to the Corona Parking lots. From Verona, Brescia, and Trento, take the Cremona exit and head towards the city center. The Municipality of Cremona has also provided high-rotation parking lots near the center (in Via Manzoni, Piazza Gallina, Via Platina, and Piazza Vida), the Marconi parking lot, the Massarotti parking lot, and the free Santa Maria in Betlem parking lot, 600 meters from Piazza del Comune.


Dolce a strati con torrone e cioccolato


Cremona’s Torrone Festival 2023: Celebrating Sweetness

Past and tradition, future and innovation: Cremona’s Torrone Festival is an extraordinary event that celebrates ancient history, a fascinating festival, and an ideal opportunity to explore Cremonese culture. Whether you are a food lover, a music enthusiast, or a history buff, you will be enchanted by its sweetness and warmth.

In addition to torrone, don’t forget to explore other events that will truly introduce you to the city, including the beautiful guided tour of the Ponchielli Theater and initiatives like “Ti racconto Cremona” (I Tell You About Cremona), “Cremona città dell’arte e della musica” (Cremona, City of Art and Music), and the “Bottega del Liutaio” (Luthier’s Workshop).

Given the expected high number of visitors, we strongly recommend booking indoor and outdoor tours and tastings in advance through the forms available on the official website.


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