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A gesture of daily generosity: Fedele Termine, the baker from Caltanissetta who feeds the souls of the needy



Fedele Termine is a baker from Caltanissetta, Sicily.
Among the many beauties of the Sicilian land, that of kindness is certainly not to be forgotten.


Fedele’s story

About 20 years ago, his brother died, and from that day on, he decided to become a reference point for many people, like an extended family.
Every day on the bench outside his bakery, he leaves bread, pizza and maritozzi for needy people who cannot afford it.

Ironically, the baker explains that he is the only bakery in Italy that does not have any breadcrumbs, precisely because there is nothing left at the end of the day.
With this simple gesture, Fedele, a baker with a heart of gold, gives smiles to all those in need by donating the unsold bread of the evening.
His customers also contribute to the cause. There are those who buy an extra piece of bread and leave it for others, or those who help him in the home distribution of food for the needy, without taking anything in return.


Caltanissetta is also this: not only a beautiful tourist place to visit, but also a beautiful realm of solidarity and helpfulness.

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