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Naples: between colours, records and expanding tourism, the Gem of Europe 2023



Naples, for several months now, seems to have become more and more a true European capital.
Naples is a city, as the good Pino Daniele used to say, ‘of a thousand colours’, but above all of many firsts and many records.

Naples: an open-air museum


Without a doubt, it is a true open-air museum, from the Royal Palace to the Veiled Christ, passing through the Fontanelle Cemetery to the Maschio Angioino.

A city where you can eat great food accompanied by excellent wines…
Well, what can I say, Naples is undoubtedly one of the most desirable tourist destinations of 2023.


The mayor’s comment


Testifying to this growth in the city is its first citizen, Mayor Gaetano Manfredi, who spoke at the inauguration of the Caruso museum in the Royal Palace.
During the event, he showed the tourist flow data for the month of June, claiming that this month was the one with the greatest receptivity in Neapolitan history.
Furthermore, he emphasised his great pleasure, boding well for the future.

Obviously, as Manfredi reiterated, work needs to be done and, in particular, this tourism process needs to be controlled. He also stated that it will be the city administration’s responsibility to improve services and the quality of flows, in order to avoid a real ‘touristification’ of the city, due to the excessive presence of tourists, creating a real housing emergency.


Naples appears to be the least accessible city in Italy. This has contributed to this phenomenon: not by chance, many flats, especially in the city centre, have been converted into B&Bs.
We hope, therefore, for the city of Naples and for the tourist movement, that measures will be taken to improve the quality of services and reduce the speculation created by such phenomena.


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