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Baia: “The Underwater Liquid Museum” – A Unique Underwater Cultural Heritage



The underwater archaeological park of Baia represents a part of the Roman city, a vacation destination for the aristocracy and the seat of the Roman military fleet, which was submerged over the centuries due to the still-present phenomenon of bradyseism.

Remains of domus are preserved almost perfectly, at a depth of two to sixteen meters. This heritage represents a true liquid museum.

The underwater park of Baia

Since 2007, the underwater park of Baia has become a marine protected area, further consolidating the conservation status of the finds. A few days ago, the meeting of Member States of the 2001 UNESCO Convention for the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage was held in Paris. The underwater park of Baia became the first underwater site in Italy for the preservation of underwater cultural heritage.

This coveted achievement was awarded to the Italian Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano.

This recognition, moreover, was also possible because of the tremendous work to enhance this heritage that has taken place over the years. Highlighting this achievement are the words of economist Gianni Lepre, advisor to the Minister of Culture.

He highlights the importance, especially today in the midst of a war, of valuing one’s own peculiarities, a source of wealth. In fact, art and culture throughout the country are not the classic calling card: they must represent the real economic wealth of the country.


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