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Exponential growth of Tuscan tourism: 2023 marks the rebirth with record international attendance



A truly prosperous summer for Tuscany’s tourism movement.
From a survey, commissioned by Toscana Promozione Turistica and conducted by the Center for Tourism Studies in Florence, comes this good news for the region.

The study was based on booking requests provided by a sample of about 560 Tuscan accommodation entrepreneurs.
The first data testify in effect to real signs of growth that emerged in the first five months of 2023, promising a real tourism renaissance with a clear foreign footprint.
In fact, demand from international tourism will exceed 50 percent: in 2022 it stopped at 37 percent, with a similar ambition to the 2019 figures.
We would be talking about +4.7 percent more arrivals and 4.3 percent more overnight stays than in the year 2022.
So, an arrivals figure of more than 5.9 million and more than 24 million overnight stays are projected, definitely coming out of the black period of the pandemic.


How Tuscan tourism figures are broken down


From early estimates, the presence of foreign tourists will increase by 6.5 percent with about 12 million overnight stays.
For domestic tourism, it will increase by 2.1 percent with a figure of about 11.9 million.
Ultimately, foreign tourism will manage to surpass, albeit by a small margin, the percentage of Italian tourists, reaching 50.5 percent.
A sharp increase in U.S. tourists is also expected, and many are the confirmations of European tourists such as: Germans, Swiss, Austrians, British, Poles, Spanish and Scandinavians.
The expected share of Canada, Brazil and Asian regions will also be important.

Therefore, great growth is expected for the Tuscan tourist movement.



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