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“Ligabue: The triumphant return to San Siro” – An unforgettable evening of emotions and hits



After 26 years since his first concert in a stadium, in that very stadium, Ligabue returns to the San Siro as an international star.
His opening line was precisely thrown in honor of the venue, reporting that every time they propose him to sing there again, then he can’t wait to perform.

For Liga’s live performance there were more than 55,000 in attendance to pay homage to one of the greatest artists on the music scene.
Then on Sept. 22 it will be the turn of the release of the new album “Dedicato a noi” for which the singer stressed his long work to provide fans with an assured success.

There will be many surprises during the live show, starting with the presentation of the unreleased song “Così come sei.”
The song was written as a sequel to “Salviamoci la pelle” which was about two 20-year-olds who wanted to run away from an already written destiny. “With this new song,” Liga explained, “I wanted to write the continuation of that story 30 years later.

Knowing Liga’s sensibility and his interest in social issues, a parenthesis with the projection of some inscriptions such as “This world is yours too,” “The 26 richest people in the world have the same wealth as almost 4 billion poor people,” “152 million children are victims of child exploitation,” or “25 thousand people die of hunger every day” could not be missed.
Our planet appears on the central monitor surrounded by chains that explode when Liga begins to sing.

During the live show, Ligabue brought his 30-year musical repertoire to the stage, weaving through songs such as “Piccola stella senza cielo““Una vita da mediano“ and “Balliamo sul mondo“ absolute hits, to more recent songs such as “Per sempre“.

The audience then gets back into an inordinate amount of fun on the notes of “Happy hour,” with the set theme highlighting arcade video games, and then continues with “A blow to the soul.”

Ligabue and his success at San Siro

Finally, an explosive finale with his most famous songs, “Si viene e si va” and “Certe notti.”
Undoubtedly, the audience’s very famous encore could not be missed, then closing with “Screaming Against the Sky.”
In conclusion, a unique phrase, showing his love for that stage that has established him as an international star: if you haven’t noticed, this is San Siro.


Photo credits: Instagram

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