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The exclusive party for Monopoly Capri, la Dolce Vita



The famous Monopoly game is transformed into luxury entertainment: Monopoly Capri

Capri, the island of mermaids and “dolce vita”, will be the star of the iconic Monopoly board game this summer. With an entirely new look inspired by the country’s coolest tourist destinations, thanks to the winning gamble of entrepreneur Michael Rothling, Vice President of the multinational Dimian, the Monopoly of the third millennium is enjoying considerable success, bringing back into fashion that conviviality somewhat forgotten because of technology.

Mario Maione Jr. e Michael Rothling

A cosmopolitan and worldly island.

One of the most popular destinations for the star system and VIPs from all over the world, Capri is not only crystal-clear sea and postcard views. During the 19th century it was an important cultural centre. It hosted travellers, intellectuals and artists from all over Europe, who were inspired by its landscapes to compose poetic and pictorial works, making the island a true cultural salon throughout the 20th century.

But its fame as a natural paradise for leisure and relaxation has much older origins.
Located in Campania, in the Gulf of Naples, between Cape Miseno and Amalfi, the blue island was ‘exchanged’ by the Roman Emperor Augustus in 29 BC for the other island in the Gulf, the larger Ischia. Capri was in fact under the rule of the Neapolitans, while Ischia belonged to the Romans. Once the exchange was accepted, the azure island became a place of pure pleasure and refreshment, with numerous villas springing up to enjoy the magnificent views and pleasant tranquillity that the island gave and still gives today.

Emperor Tiberius also chose the azure island as his second home. He moved there for a good ten years and took care of the affairs of the empire from there. The presence of the two Roman emperors on Capri greatly influenced the architecture and development of the urban area. Thanks to the great building skills of the Romans, the port, water system, numerous farms, houses, farmhouses and the twelve imperial villas listed in the 19th century by Capri historian Rosario Mangoni were built.

During the Middle Ages, the island was repeatedly attacked by the fearsome Saracen pirates, like the neighbouring islands of Ischia and Procida. During the raids, the inhabitants found shelter in caves: the largest was the cave of Monte Castiglione.
Later, during the Napoleonic period in the early 19th century, Capri was the subject of clashes between the British and the French, who fought over the island for many years.

It was only at the end of the 19th century, when the island returned to the Neapolitan people and the Grand Hotel Quisisana was opened, that a tourism made up of nobles, politicians and industrialists began to arrive on Capri.

The real tourist boom, however, came during the 1950s-1960s, when Capri was chosen as a favourite destination by royalty and international stars: we remember the Shah of Persia with his wife Soraya, the actresses Brigitte Bardot and Liz Taylor, and the great actor Antonio De Curtis, aka Totò.

Capri was and still is synonymous with luxury and pleasure. The Blue Grotto, the Charterhouse of San Giacomo, the Faraglioni, these are just some of the beauties that can be admired on the island of Capri. In the exclusive edition of the board game Monopoly Capri la dolce vita, the squares that make up the game will be named after some of the island’s best-known brands. From the world of catering such as the Da Paolino restaurant, Da Luigi ai Faraglioni and the La Canzone del Mare bathing establishment, to the world of hospitality with the Hotel Punta Tragara, and ending with some of the most important brands made in Capri such as Chantecler, la Campanina, Carthusia and Lucertola Blu.

The game of Monopoly, which takes its name from the economic concept of monopoly, i.e. the domination of the market by a single seller, has a new all-Italian look, thanks to the collaboration between the Luxury Line companies, the toy multinational Dimian and the Maione group. After the success of 2022 with the Monopoly edition dedicated to the Forte dei Marmi, Versilia location, this year it is time for Monopoly Capri to get involved!
So get your dice ready, because the new pastime of summer 2023 will take you on a tour of natural beauty, historic villas, luxury hotels, starred restaurants and splendid boutiques.


The beautiful Monopoly Capri box was designed by Marble Foundation artist Beatrice Romani, in collaboration with Laboratorio Capri.







The presentation party for the Monopoly dedicated to Capri

In a marvellous villa overlooking the sea, framed by the warm tones of an island sunset, the exclusive launch party of what is set to become the new trendy game of summer 2023 Monopy Capri will take place this evening, 17 June. Doing the honours in the scenic Villa Castiglione will be Monopoly Luxury Line project manager Mario Maione Jr., who will welcome international guests such as the Princesses of Bahrain, the lady of precious crystals Fiona Swarovski, and other special guests, including actress Martina Stella, the face of the Dimian company.

During the party, sponsored by the municipality of Capri, there will also be activities with a charitable purpose. Guests will be invited to participate in a charity competition to win exclusive copies of Monopoly Capri. Among the most coveted pieces will be an edition in embroidered fabric produced by a renowned Neapolitan tailor’s shop, a glittering edition made in collaboration with Swarovski, studded with crystals, and a special copy autographed by maestro Andrea Bocelli. In addition, for the occasion, the Dimian group will present 10 new limited edition dolls inspired by Capri style.

On Sunday 18 June, guests at the event will also have the opportunity to take part in a charity tennis tournament, which will be attended by VIPs, the game’s sponsors and other prominent guests.


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