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Spotlight on the Social World Film Festival 2023 with the cast of the TV series”Mare Fuori” and the film “La stranezza”



Great enthusiasm, a packed audience and excitement welcomed the 13th edition of the Social World Film Festival in Vico Equense. The festival opened its doors with the ribbon-cutting ceremony in the presence of Mayor Giuseppe Aiello, Director Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo and most of the TV series Mare Fuori cast.

The actors of the popular series arrived in the historic centre of the tourist destination. Mare Fuori has become popular and entered the hearts of children, teenagers, adults and older people. The fans from all over Campania chased and cheered on the stars. They had a further opportunity to experience their overwhelming success.

Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo Social World Film Festival Director
Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo Social World Film Festival Director

Huge crowd for the actors of the series Mare Fuori

Serena Codato (starring as Gemma), Antonio D’Aquino (Milos), Alessandro Orrei (Mimmo), Francesco Panarella (Cucciolo), Giuseppe Pirozzi (Micciarella), Clara Soccini (Giulia), Giovanna Sannino (Carmela) and Maddalena Stornaiuolo (Maddalena) first met the accredited press (including INItaly indefatigable Director Lorenzo Crea). They then joined the audience before being interviewed and awarded by the official presenter of the event, Roberta Scardola. She welcomed the actors with the soundtrack of the series.

Vico Equense Social World Film Festival
Vico Equense Social World Film Festival – Actors from the series Mare Fuori

Scenes of fanaticism that had not been seen in a long time when the arrival of the actors. The TV series Mare Fuori is internationally popular, and the filming of the fourth season has begun. Moreover, a musical version is being staged, and also a movie is being planned. People were in a frenzy amid shouts, tears, flashes, selfies, videos, greetings, and hugs. The actors present were friendly and nice to everyone.

Vico Equense, Social World Film Festival
Vico Equense, Social World Film Festival – The actresses Stornaiulo and Codato from Mare Fuori

“Success has not changed us.”

Meanwhile, since the afternoon, non-stop projections of the three seasons – in collaboration with Rai Fiction, Rai Teche and Picomedia – took place in the halls of Cinema Aequa, the Cinema Museum in the City Old Palace and Teatro mio, followed by debates and meetings with actors on social issues.

«However, success has not changed us; this series is a remarkable evolution. We are doing our best because we receive back more than we do, if not as much. We were not expecting this achievement; the audience’s affection is overwhelming, and we are incredibly grateful for that».

Vico Equense, Social World Film Festival- Abel Ferrara
Vico Equense, Social World Film Festival – Abel Ferrara

Social World Film Festival, film projections

From 6.00 p.m., in the Sala Rossellini, in the atrium of the City Old Palace, a non-stop projection of the reportage dedicated to the actress Gina Lollobrigida by Rai Teche took place at the Museum of the Cinema of the Territory and the Sorrentine Peninsula. On the other hand, the Bishop’s Palace hosted the inauguration of the photographic exhibition on her entitled “I 50 volti” (namely, The 50 Faces), organized by Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo.

The Social World Film Festival activities began at 9.30 a.m. in the Sala Leone with the traditional “Buongiorno Festival!” (which means Good Morning Festival). It consists of a live presentation of the day’s programme with the guests and authors in competition at the Social World Film Festival. Live from Vikonos Digital Radio & Web Tv studios, Francesco Marciano and Giovanna Castellano moderate this moment.

Vico Equense, Social World Film Festival-Toni Servillo
Vico Equense, Social World Film Festival-The actor Toni Servillo starring in the film “La stranezza”

Toni Servillo starring in “La stranezza”

In the evening, at 8.30 p.m. in the Fellini Arena of the Cloister of SS. Trinità e Paradiso, the opening film of this edition, La Stranezza by Roberto Andò, was screened. A video contribution by the protagonist Toni Servillo, who introduced the social issues, preceded the movie projection.

At the same time, the Arena Loren of Piazzale Siani hosted the projection of the film in competition in the Focus Selection Le ragazze non piangono by Andrea Zuliani (Italy, 104′), moderated by Roberta Scardola.


Margherita Buy patroness of the Festival

Vico Equense, Social World Film Festival - Margherita Buy
Photo credits: Luisa Carcavale – Vico Equense, Social World Film Festival – The actress Margherita Buy

Winner of seven David di Donatello and eight Nastri d’Argento,Margherita Buy is one of the best Italian actresses. She is the patroness of the thirteenth edition and will welcome the public during the awards gala on Satur-day, 8 July.



The festival will end on 9 July. Among the guests will be Oscar winner Mira Sorvino, who on 6 July will introduce the projection of Woody Allen’s film Mighty Aphrodite. Moreover, the event will host New York director Abel Ferrara, who will present his latest film Padre Pio with Shia Labeouf (4 July), the Casa SuraceAndrea Renzi (4 July), Giacomo RizzoAndrea Di MariaAntonella StefanucciBrunella CacciuniIlaria Rossi (5 July), Abel Ferrara, The Jackal (6 July), Denise CapezzaMichele Rosiello (7 July), Maria Vera Ratti (8 July) and the YouTuber Simone Paciello aka Awed (3 July) and Guglielmo Scilla aka Willwoosh (5 July).


The Young Film Factory workshop with Abel Ferrara

Finally, director Abel Ferrara will lead new authors in the Young Film Factory workshop tomorrow. They will make a short film in 72 hours during the festival. This will be realised thanks to Rehau’s sponsorship, which offers a €2,000 prize and aims to support young people’s participation in the festival.

The Social World Film Festival is organised by the Municipality of Vico Equense and has been supported over the years by the Italian Ministry of Culture, Regione Campania and the Regione Campania Film Commission.

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