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Tor Pigna Pride for equality and against prejudice



ROME- 1 July 2023, Tor Pigna Pride. While in Naples the LGTBQ+ community paraded for their rights, and thousands poured into the city street, another “brick” ” was added to create a prejudice-free culture in the Roman suburb.

We are in Tor Pignattara, a district in Rome’s South-East area. Located in the 5th municipal district, it has always been considered the symbol of multiculturalism and multiethnic society. In the former council hall in Via della Marranella and under the patronage of Roma Capitale, Tor Pigna Pride aims to be a moment of reflection and sharing to develop a new way of thinking for a new world to live in.

The event, opened by Tatiana Procacci, delegated councillor for Equal Opportunities, was moderated by Denise Luce Splendente, always up to the task. The evening was concluded with a moment of conviviality among the attendees.

Denise Luce Splendente, Massimina Lizzeri and Antonello Dose
Event moderator Denise Luce Splendente, actress Massimina Lizzeri and activist-writer Antonello Dose

Among the guests were the writers and activists Fabio Bo and Antonello Dose, the philosopher and writer Prof. Massimo Frana, the film director and author Vincenzo Palazzo, President of CIRSES Alessandra Antinori (Initiative and Research Centre on the Education and Scientific Systems), the psychologist and psychotherapist Federica Paragona, the painter and activist Fiorella Saula, the actor Massimo Privitero and, last but not least, the artist and actress Massimina Lizzeri.

Tor Pigna Pride, Roma
Moments during Tor Pigna Pride

The actress, as well as living in Tor Pignattara, was one of the protagonists of a 2022 film. Le Favolose (whose international title is The Fabulous Ones) is a feature film that fully expresses the concept of freedom. Here, the protagonists play the role of themselves, rebel and unconventional in a judgmental society. It is an authentic mosaic of stories, anecdotes and experiences where fiction and reality are masterfully blended.

These actresses’ personalities are the true epicentre of energy making their presence felt. The director stages interviews, memories and emotions, which serve as a substrate for a plot that naturally engages the audience. Last September, Le Favolose participated as an out-of-competition during Notti Veneziane delle Giornate degli Autori.

A scene from the film Le Favolose
A scene from the film Le Favolose

Moreover, it has obtained and continues to gain many awards, especially abroad, where, unquestionably, the mentality is more attentive and sensitive to the all-around expression of identity. It was the sole Italian film in a Competition among 12 at the IDFA- International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam in the Envision Section. Moreover, it flew out of the Old Continent, landing at the Tokyo Film Festival.


About Massimina Lizzeri

«I love Tor Pignattara. I have lived here with Denise Luce Splendente and have happy memories. It is a special neighbourhood where I have always breathed a powerful freedom. Maybe it is because the official city pointed the finger at people who have always lived here. However, I have always felt a huge heart and seen genuine humanity here.

The actress Massimina Lizzeri
The actress Massimina Lizzeri

The poverty-stricken peasants who sought their fortune in Rome moved and settled here in the 10-20-30s of the 20th century. The very first buildings, numerous around the neighbourhood, date back to that period. The massive migration from southern Italy in the immediate post-war period. The high migration waves of the last 30 years and, in between, a lot of Romanity.

Here are the areas where Pasolini set his films, for example, Accattone in the Pigneto neighbourhood. Otherwise, in his novel Ragazzi di vita, he describes Tor Pignattara and its youth who had to sell themselves to survive. More than anywhere else, you can understand what a truly multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious society is… I Love Tor Pignattara!!!».

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