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Whales arrive in the waters of Sardinia: tourists are left breathless



It seemed to be just an ancient legend, instead that of whales swimming in the sea of Sardinia is more than reality.
Initially it was thought to be just fishermen’s tales, however, thanks to the work of researchers in the project “Sardinia, the Forgotten Giants,” the first signals of sperm whales were recorded with hydrophones.
This took place in the so-called Sardinian Canyon of Castelsardo.

Marine megafauna expert for WWF, Laura Pintore, and Oceans program leader, Giulia Prato, showed their excitement at hearing the sperm whale click.

It would appear that the presence of this marine species was recorded as many as 7 times in a very few days.


The program included a research activity using innovative technologies to investigate the possible presence of cetaceans in the deep gorge, which descends from the center of the gulf from the continental slope in a northwesterly direction.
For such research, equipment such as drones, hydrophones and even environmental DNA detection kits have been heavily engaged.
A group of videomakers is recording all phases of the project, and then making a documentary that will later be available on international platforms.

The Canyons of Sardinia

Castelsardo, in addition to having signed the Pelagos Sanctuary Partnership Charter, and collaborating with the R!se project, has gained recognition for its Canyon.
In fact, Castelsardo Canyon has been included in the “10 areas for new and enhanced protection” identified by WWF in Italy.

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