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Trudie Styler presents her documentary on Naples, husband Sting: “This city is beautiful”


Last night at the Space cinema in Naples was the premiere of the documentary on Naples by director Trudie Styler

Trudie Styler, an English filmmaker living in NY with her husband Sting, says after two years in Naples:

“New York is lost, finished. The future is in Naples and in particular in the Sanità district, where I discovered for the first time what a community is: in NY we are now automatons running around without ever stopping, we have lost the sense of the other. That is why my relationship with the city will not end with this work’.

The documentary ‘Can I come in? An ode to Naples’, which was presented at the Rome Film Festival, is a narrative of the metropolis – focusing on Sanità, the historic centre and Scampia – through faces, people, individual lives that become collective. It tells more about Neapolitans than Naples. Trudie reiterates that, in addition to being a filmmaker, she is a human rights activist and Unicef ambassador.

documentario su Napoli

With her husband, they have supported projects in many countries around the world.
“When I was offered to shoot in Naples, I didn’t have a script. The producers gave me a blank canvas, a precious but also terrifying opportunity. The title of the documentary is: “Can I come in?” Thanks to this title, which is a question, the Neapolitans all let me into their homes, into their lives, with extreme simplicity.

The narration through the people was enhanced by my meeting with Don Antonio Loffredo, the parish priest of Sanità, who, by opening the door of the church to me, also opened the way to the inhabitants of Sanità, which is now my heartland’.

Who are the protagonists of the documentary?

There are many stories behind the doors open to Styler’s camera.

They are told by the protagonists themselves: Antonio Amoretti, a partisan of the Four Days of Naples who died last year, a circumstance that makes his testimony all the more precious; director Vincenzo Pirozzi, who tells the story of his imprisoned father; Francesco Di Leva, who plunges the director into the heart of San Giovanni a Teduccio, where a former gymnasium whose photos he shows has been converted into a theatre.

The actor added that perhaps ‘the time has come for non-Neapolitans to tell the story of Naples, and Trudie did it with great sensitivity by coming to the neighbourhood where I was a baker. Accompanied by Lorenza Stella, who carried this film on her shoulders, she also met Ralph P, a musician recruited from Scampia who is one of the film’s musical protagonists’.

The music

And music obviously plays a major narrative role, starting with the incipit entrusted to an amazing rap by Clementino that condenses, better than a Bignami, the history of Naples into three minutes.

And the rapper adds: ‘Thanks to Amedeo Palumbo, I put the history of Naples from its foundation to the present day into rhyme and discovered that the city and I were born on the same day, 21 December’.

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