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10 tourist itineraries to discover Italy in September


This year, summer never seems to wane. From north to south, temperatures have been peaking for more than two months now.

With this in mind, Initaly aims to offer its readers beautiful tourist itineraries for the month of September, so that they can enjoy the beauty of Italy without stress.


The Majestic Italy

It is also possible to follow this route from Florence or Rome.


  9. SIENA
  10. ASSISI
  11. ROMA

“An Unforgettable Journey Among the Beauties of Italy: From Urban Elegance to Medieval Pearls”.


Italy, home of history, art and culture, welcomes visitors with an unforgettable experience. This itinerary will take you through some of the country’s most fascinating cities, offering a unique journey between urban elegance and fascinating medieval pearls.

  1. Milan: The Beginning of a Journey into Elegance and Art

The journey to northern Italy kicks off in sophisticated Milan, cradle of style and innovation. Admire the grandeur of the Duomo, explore the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the symbol of haute couture, and discover masterpieces by renowned artists at the Pinacoteca di Brera, an important cultural institution.

For football fans, we also recommend a visit to Milan’s iconic stadium, the San Siro, where you can also visit the museum.

Vista del Duomo di Milano
ph. PaoloBon
  1. Sirmione: The Enchantment of the Ancient Peninsula on Lake Garda

Head to Sirmione, a luxurious resort on a peninsula of Lake Garda.

Here you can explore the majestic Scaliger Castle and admire the panoramic view from the top of the Grotte di Catullo, then relax in the thermal waters.

Sirmione con vista lago
Ph. Ivan Zanotti
  1. Verona: The City of Love and Heritage

Next, move on to Verona, a city of romantic charm and heritage. The Arena, a Roman amphitheatre, hosts impressive summer performances. Discover Juliet’s House, a destination for lovers. You cannot miss the photo with the bronze statue of Juliet. And finally immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Piazza delle Erbe, with its colourful market.

Balcone della casa di Giulietta
Ph Andrea Bertozzi
  1. Venice: The Timeless Enchantment of La Serenissima

Continue on to magical Venice, a city without equal. Cruise the canals and admire the iconic St Mark’s Square, the Doge’s Palace and the striking Rialto Bridge. Get lost in the calli, discovering hidden corners and Venetian art in the museums.

Ponte di Rialto
Ph. Livio Andronico
  1. Florence: Renaissance Art in the Heart of Tuscany

Head to Florence, jewel of Renaissance art. Admire the majesty of Michelangelo’s David, stroll along the Ponte Vecchio with its shops and enjoy a visit to the Uffizi Gallery, guardian of priceless masterpieces.

Needless to say, we highly recommend the excellent Florentine steak.

Ph Amada
  1. Chianti: Exploring the Wine Delights of Tuscany

Treat yourself to an immersion in the Tuscan countryside in the heart of Chianti. Visit local wine cellars, discover the secrets of the art of winemaking and enjoy fine wines accompanied by gastronomic specialities.

ph. Adbar
  1. Monteriggioni: A Medieval Village Steeped in History

Continue your journey to Monteriggioni, a medieval village enclosed by perfectly preserved walls. Explore the towers and cobbled streets, letting yourself be transported back in time as you admire the medieval architecture.


  1. San Gimignano: Medieval Inspiration between Towers and Art

Head to San Gimignano, characterised by its high medieval towers. Explore the town, admire the frescoes in the Collegiate Church and take in the panoramic view from the top of the towers, immersed in an evocative medieval atmosphere.


  1. Siena: Artistic Treasures and Medieval Atmosphere

Travel to Siena, a city of history and art. The magnificent Piazza del Campo hosts the famous Palio. Visit the majestic Duomo and discover the Contrade, historic quarters that fuel the city’s passion.

You should know that Siena is divided into no less than seventeen contrade, which compete for the Palio every year.

      10. Assisi: Spirit and Art in the Place of St Francis

Continue on to Assisi, a city of spirituality and art. The Basilica of St Francis houses Giotto’s frescoes, recounting the life of the saint. Explore the medieval streets and admire the view from above.



Vista basilica San Francesco D'Assisi
ph. Marco Crupi
  1. Rome: The Epilogue in the Heart of the Ancient Capital

Conclude your trip in majestic Rome. Admire the ancient Colosseum, explore the Imperial Forum and immerse yourself in Vatican art with a visit to St Peter’s Basilica. Each street reveals a story, framed by millennia-old relics and works of art.

Here too, we cannot fail to give you some culinary advice: let yourself be enchanted by an excellent carbonara accompanied by a tasty coda alla vaccinara.

Ph. alvesgaspar

This itinerary has taken you on an exciting journey through some of Italy’s most fascinating cities. From the elegance of Milan to the medieval atmosphere of the Tuscan pearls, you discovered the cultural and historical variety of the country. Each stop enriched your journey with unique experiences, proving that Italy is truly a treasure trove of beauty and history.



II The Fascinating Italy itinerary



  1. ROMA
  3. SIENA

“A Journey through Italy: Art, History and Beauty in the Heart of the Country’.


Italy is a land rich in history, art and beauty, and this itinerary will take you on a discovery of some of its most fascinating cities. From Rome to romantic Chianti, you will travel through places steeped in culture and unique atmosphere.


  1. Rome: The Beginning of an Epic Journey between Antiquity and Modernity

Your journey begins in the Eternal City, Rome. Admire the Colosseum, explore the Roman Forum and stroll along the alleys of Trastevere for a taste of Roman art and life.

Finally, we recommend a stop at the Janiculum Hill to admire the beauty of the city with a breathtaking panoramic view.

cannone del Gianicolo (Italia)
ph. Luiclemens
  1. Assisi: The Spirituality and Art of St Francis

Continue on to Assisi, the birthplace of St Francis. Visit the Basilica of St Francis, admire Giotto’s frescoes and immerse yourself in the spiritual atmosphere of this sacred place.


Vista basilica San Francesco D'Assisi
ph. Marco Crupi
  1. Siena: Medieval Atmosphere and the Piazza del Campo

Head to Siena, a medieval city famous for its Piazza del Campo and the cathedral mentioned above, and afterwards, lose yourself in one of the Umbrian wine cellars tasting excellent cold cuts and cheeses accompanied by a glass of wine.

  1. Florence: Florentine Art in the Heart of Tuscany

Move on to Florence, the cradle of Renaissance art. Admire Michelangelo’s David, the Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio, immersing yourself in the city’s cultural heritage.

Ph Amada
  1. Ferrara: A Unique Renaissance in Northern Italy

Continue on to Ferrara, a UNESCO World Heritage city. Explore the Castello Estense, stroll through its medieval streets and admire its unique heritage.

Castello Estense
  1. Padua: Science and Culture between History and Current Affairs

Travel to Padua, a city with an ancient cultural and scientific tradition. Visit the Basilica of St. Anthony, the University of Padua and stroll through the historic squares.

It is precisely at the Basilica of St Anthony that you can admire the saint’s relics.


  1. Venice: La Serenissima welcomes the Biennale

Head to Venice, a city without equal in the world. Explore St. Mark’s Square, admire the Grand Canal and immerse yourself in the unique, romantic atmosphere of this city of water.

We recommend that you visit the Biennale del Cinema exhibition from 2 September to 9 at the Giardini in Venice during those days.


  1. Chianti: The Wine Heart of Tuscany

Conclude your trip in the charming Chianti region. Explore the vineyard-covered hills, taste fine wines and enjoy authentic Tuscan cuisine.

This itinerary guided you through a journey of culture, history and beauty in some of Italy’s most fascinating cities. From the antiquity of Rome to the spirituality of Assisi, from the Renaissance of Florence to the enchantment of Venice, each stop enriched your journey with unique experiences. Italy offers an endless variety of places to explore, each with its own rich history and atmosphere. Let these experiences inspire you to discover even more of this country’s wonderful diversity.


III Fascinating Liguria itinerary




“Exploring the Beauty of Liguria: An Itinerary Among Art Cities and Enchanting Coastlines”.


Liguria is a region that encompasses an extraordinary variety of landscapes, from the elegance of its cities of art to the wonder of its coastline. This itinerary will guide you through some of the most evocative stops, offering an authentic experience of art, culture and maritime beauty.


  1. Milan: Urban Elegance and the Heart of Art

Start your journey in Milan, a metropolis that combines modernity and elegance.

Milan has been the fashion capital of Italy for years.

We recommend a visit to Piazza del Duomo and then a tour of the Bosco Verticale.


  1. Genoa: Port History and Vibrant Life

Move to Genoa, a city with a long maritime tradition. Explore the Old Port with its Aquarium, admire the Lantern and lose yourself in the narrow streets of the historic centre, among craft workshops and ancient squares.

Ph.Carlo Grifone

3. Cinque Terre: The Harmony of Colours and Breathtaking Panoramas

Head to the Cinque Terre, a fascinating group of coastal villages. Start in Monterosso and admire the golden beach, stroll through the colourful streets of Vernazza, reach Corniglia with its terraces, immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of Manarola and enjoy the view from Riomaggiore.

Ph.Bruno Rijsman

4. Portofino: The Exclusive Charm of a Maritime Pearl

Continue to Portofino, the enchanting bay frequented by celebrities. Explore the harbour, stroll among the luxury boutiques and treat yourself to a panoramic view from Castello Brown.

ph. Pierre-Selim Huard
  1. Santa Margherita Ligure: Relaxation and Beauty Along the Coast

End your trip in Santa Margherita Ligure. Relax on the beach, stroll along the promenade, admire the elegant architecture and savour Ligurian cuisine in local restaurants.


This itinerary guided you through a journey of discovery in the region of Liguria, offering a taste of the art, culture and natural beauty that characterise this land. From the elegance of Milan to the history of Genoa, from the colourful nuances of the Cinque Terre to the exclusivity of Portofino and the tranquillity of Santa Margherita Ligure, each stop contributed to a unique mosaic of experiences. Liguria is a region that fascinates with its variety and authenticity, offering an unforgettable journey between cities of art and beautiful coastlines.


IV ITINERARY Fascinating northern Italian lakes


  4. COMO
  10. VERONA
  11. ISEO


In the heart of Italy’s magnificent region lies a tourist itinerary through enchanting places steeped in history. From Milan, the bustling fashion and business capital, to the picturesque towns along Lake Garda, this trip offers a unique experience of culture, nature and gastronomy. Follow us as we explore the stages of this fascinating itinerary.

  1. Milan: The Capital of Modernity

Start your trip in Milan, a city that combines ancient art and modern design, with numerous skyscrapers forming the backbone of Milan’s modern architecture. Admire the majestic Duomo di Milano and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, then stroll down the fashionable streets of Via Montenapoleone. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit La Scala Theatre and the Sforza Castle.

  1. Stresa: Enchantment on the shores of Lake Maggiore

Reach Stresa, located on the shores of Lake Maggiore. Enjoy panoramic views of the Alps and the enchanting Isola Bella. Explore the gardens and the Baroque palace for an immersion in Renaissance beauty.

ph Markus Bernet
  1. Borromean Islands: Dream Gardens and Palaces

Discover the Borromean Islands, a natural treasure with lush gardens and elegant palaces. Isola dei Pescatori and Isola Madre will fascinate you with their history and unique atmosphere.

  1. Como: Elegance and Serenity

Continue to Como, a town on the famous Lake Como. Admire the villas and gardens that line its shores, and visit the majestic Como Cathedral. A funicular railway ride will take you to the top of the hill for an unforgettable panoramic view.

Como has been a regular destination for VIPs and celebrities for many years now, and some of them have even decided to use Como as a location for film sets and weddings.

ph maurizio moro

5.Tremezzo: The Enchantment of Lake Como

Tremezzo will welcome you with its charm on Lake Como. Explore Villa Carlotta and its breathtaking gardens, overlooking the azure waters. A unique experience also awaits you in the small village of Lenno.

   6. Bellagio: The Pearl of the Lake

Head to Bellagio, the ‘Pearl of the Lake’, famous for its picturesque streets and lush gardens. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere as you stroll along the lakeside promenade and admire the panoramic views.


ph. Jean-Christophe BENOIST

7. Bergamo: Medieval History and Beauty

Continue your journey to Bergamo, a city that combines the medieval upper part, Città Alta, with the modern. Explore the charming squares, ancient churches and medieval walls that surround the city.

Bergamo has finally come back to life after the disastrous period of the pandemic, where the city was the unfortunate victim of the terrible contagion.


8.Franciacorta: Enchanting Wines and Landscapes

The route continues to the Franciacorta region, famous for its renowned sparkling wines. Visit wine cellars and taste local delicacies surrounded by breathtaking hilly landscapes.

Also visit its magnificent Oldofredi Castle.

9.Sirmione: Fairytale Atmosphere on Lake Garda

Move on to Sirmione, a town with a fairytale atmosphere located on Lake Garda. Admire the Scaliger Castle and relax in the thermal water spa. Enjoy a stroll through the cobbled streets and along the lakeside promenade.

ph. Ivan Zanotti

10.Verona: The City of Romeo and Juliet

Continue on to Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet. Visit the Arena di Verona, a Roman amphitheatre still in use, and stroll through Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori, immersing yourself in history and unique architecture.

For refreshment, we recommend an ice cream at the Venchi ice cream parlour, one of Italy’s gems.

11. Iseo: Hidden Treasures of Lake Iseo

End your trip in Iseo, a hidden gem on the shores of Lake Iseo. Explore Monte Isola, the largest lake island in Europe, and discover the natural and cultural beauty this area has to offer.


This fascinating itinerary will take you through some of the most beautiful locations in northern Italy, amidst breathtaking landscapes, ancient history and vibrant culture. Each stop offers a unique and unforgettable experience, allowing you to discover the richness of this multi-faceted region. Prepare to be enchanted by the beauty of these places and create lasting memories along your journey.




  1. ROMA
  8. CAPRI

Among the wonders of southern Italy, lies an extraordinary itinerary that will guide you through ancient cities, fascinating coastlines and unparalleled historical sites. From Rome, the Eternal City, to the fascinating islands and coastal towns, via the southern capital Naples.


  1. Rome: The Incomparable Eternal City

Start your journey in Rome, the heart of Roman civilisation and the centre of art and culture. Admire the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Vittoriano. Explore historic districts such as Trastevere and immerse yourself in the vibrant street life.

Ph. alvesgaspar
  1. Naples: A Plunge into Culture and Tradition

Continue on to Naples, a lively and authentic city with a vibrant culture and world-famous cuisine.

Naples, the capital of southern Italy, has seen its national and international tourism grow in recent years, also enhanced by the success of its football team.

Visit the National Archaeological Museum and stroll along Spaccanapoli to discover the picturesque streets and unique atmosphere.

ph Luigi Graziano Di Matteo

      2.Paestum: The Ancient Greek Magnificence

Head to Paestum, where ancient Greece lives on among majestic Doric temples. Admire the temples of Hera and Neptune, witnesses to the Greek influence in the region.

3.Salerno: Between History and the Sea

Continue your itinerary in Salerno, a city that blends history and the sea into one fascinating setting. Explore the Arechi Castle and stroll along the seafront promenade, enjoying panoramic views of the Gulf of Salerno.

4.Vietri sul Mare: Colours and Coastal Crafts

Move on to Vietri sul Mare, pearl of the Amalfi coast, famous for its handmade ceramics. Admire the colourful tiles that decorate façades and squares, and discover local art at the craft workshops.

5.Amalfi: The Elegance of the Coast

Continue on to Amalfi, a pearl set on the coast. Explore the Cathedral of Sant’Andrea and stroll through the picturesque streets. Enjoy breathtaking views of the sea and houses clinging to the rock.

ph Luigi De Lucia

6.Sorrento: Panoramas and Gastronomic Delights

Head to Sorrento, where the spectacular views and local gastronomy will captivate you. Admire the Gulf of Naples from above and savour the lemons and local produce.

If lemons are to your liking, don’t miss out on the exceptional Lemon Delight.

ph Berthold Werner

7.Capri: The Island of Dreams

Move on to the island of Capri, a place of extraordinary beauty. Explore the Gardens of Augustus, stroll around the Piazzetta and, conditions permitting, visit the Grotta Azzurra, famous for its unique colour.

Here, too, you might run into the many VIPs who populate the island in the summertime and you might snatch a few selfies to frame.

8.Pompeii: The Ancient City Buried by Vesuvius

Conclude your trip in Pompeii, where history lives on in the ancient ruins buried by the eruption of Vesuvius. Explore the streets, houses and temples of this well-preserved Roman city.


ph Luigi De Lucia

Each stop is a treasure trove of culture, history and natural beauty that will leave you fascinated and inspired. Get ready to discover southern Italy in all its magnificence, creating unforgettable memories along the way.




  7. CAPRI
  9. BARI
  14. LECCE
  15. OSTUNI
  16. BARI
  17. MATERA

“An Enchanted Journey among the Wonders of Southern Italy: From Naples to Matera, discovering Puglia first’.

Amidst picturesque streets, charming coastal towns and historical gems, southern Italy offers a unique experience for travellers. This itinerary will take you on an unforgettable journey from bustling Naples, through the coastal pearls of Campania and Puglia, to enchanting Matera. You will discover the art, culture and beauty of these Italian regions.


  1. Naples: Art, Culture and Authentic Life

Start your trip in Naples, a vibrant city that flaunts art, culture and delicious food. Admire the National Archaeological Museum and stroll along Spaccanapoli to soak up the city’s authentic atmosphere.

Don’t miss your appointment with a pizza a la portafoglio and a sweet sfogliatella, otherwise you might be taken for a baba.

ph Luigi Graziano Di Matteo

2. Paestum: The Legacy of Ancient Greece

After the enchanting start in Naples, your adventure will take you to Paestum, an archaeological site of great historical importance. The well-preserved Greek temples, such as the Temple of Hera and the Temple of Neptune, will immerse you in the ancient magnificence of this city.

  1. Salerno: A Combination of History and Sea

Continuing your itinerary, you will reach Salerno, a city that blends harmoniously with the sea and history. You will explore the Arechi Castle, a symbol of the area’s strength and strategic importance. Strolling along the seafront, you will have the opportunity to admire the Gulf of Salerno in all its beauty.

  1. Vietri sul Mare: The Charm of Handmade Ceramics

Your next stop will take you to Vietri sul Mare, renowned for its handmade ceramics. The lively tiles that adorn the buildings and squares will offer you a unique visual spectacle, while the craft workshops will introduce you to the traditional art of this region.


  1. Amalfi: Elegance and Breathtaking Views

The coastal pearl of Amalfi will welcome you with its elegance and breathtaking views. The Cathedral of Sant’Andrea, with its imposing architecture, will leave you spellbound. The picturesque narrow streets and panoramic views will give you an authentic perspective of this wonderful location.

  1. Sorrento: Reflections of the Gulf of Naples

Moving to Sorrento, you will find yourself enjoying the reflections of the Gulf of Naples from a unique perspective. The city invites you to stroll through the streets of the historic centre and appreciate the charm of its panoramic gardens. Whether you are interested in history or eager to explore the local cuisine, Sorrento will amaze you.


  1. Capri: The Enchanted Island in the Tyrrhenian Sea

The island of Capri will be your next destination, where the enchantment of the Tyrrhenian Sea blends with the island’s unique atmosphere. The Gardens of Augustus offer an oasis of peace and beauty, while the Piazzetta will catapult you into the elegant Capri atmosphere. If conditions permit, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Grotta Azzurra, a natural wonder that has no equal.

  1. Andria: Discovering Northern Apulia

Head for Andria, a city rich in history. You will find the Castel del Monte, a masterpiece of medieval architecture.


  1. Bari: Art and Port Life

Continue on to Bari, a port city with a mixture of culture and tradition. Explore the Old Town and admire the Basilica of San Nicola.


  1. Polignano a Mare: View of the Adriatic Sea

Move on to Polignano a Mare, famous for its spectacular cliffs overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Enjoy the breathtaking views and discover the narrow streets of the historic centre.

Here you can eat in front of a unique panorama, with restaurants set among the rocks overlooking the sea.


  1. Alberobello: Trulli and Unique Atmosphere

Head to Alberobello, famous for its unique trulli. Explore the traditional cone-roofed buildings and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the place.

12. Monopoli: Discovering Authentic Apulia

Continue on to Monopoli, where tradition and authenticity reign supreme. Admire the historic centre and panoramic views of the sea.


  1. Locorotondo: The White Village of the Itria Valley

Reach Locorotondo, with its white houses and winding alleys. Explore the village and savour the tranquillity of the Itria Valley.


  1. Lecce: Baroque Art and Refinement

Head to Lecce, famous for its Baroque architecture. Admire the Basilica of Santa Croce and the majestic squares.

Enjoy rustico salentino and to end the day, a warm but delicious pasticciotto leccese.

15.Ostuni: The White City

Continue on to Ostuni, the ‘White City’. Explore the historical centre with its cobbled streets and white facades.

  1. Bari: Another View of the Port City

Return to Bari for another view of the city and its unique attractions.

ph Holger Uwe Schmitt
  1. Matera: The Beauty of the Sassi

Conclude your trip in Matera, city of the Sassi. Explore the ancient settlements carved into the rock and discover the thousand-year history of the place.

Matera has for years been a much sought-after film set for Italian and international directors, and you might bump into world-famous actors along the way.

ph Luigi Graziano Di Matteo

This itinerary will take you through a journey of art, history and natural beauty, from bustling Naples to the fascinating coastal pearls of Puglia and magical Matera. Each stop offers a unique perspective on the riches of southern Italy, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the culture and atmosphere of these fascinating regions. Whether you are a history buff, a sea lover or eager to discover authentic traditions, this trip will satisfy your every curiosity.




  7. CAPRI
  10. TROPEA
  12. SCILLA
  15. GERACE
  16. STILO

“An Unforgettable Itinerary to Discover the Pearls of Southern Italy”.


Through fascinating cities, picturesque coastlines and breathtaking historical sites, southern Italy offers an extraordinary journey that mixes millenary history, natural beauty and authentic culture. From Naples to the most hidden locations in Calabria, this itinerary will guide you through a series of unforgettable stops, capturing the soul of southern Italy in all its magnificence.


1. Naples: An Introduction to Campania’s Beauty

Start your trip in Naples, a city that enchants with its vibrant culture, delicious food and timeless works of art. Admire the view from the hill of Posillipo, and stroll along the Naples seafront while sampling the real Neapolitan pizza.

  1. Paestum: The Legacy of Ancient Greece

Your itinerary stops at Paestum, an ancient city that preserves the legacy of classical Greece. The majestic temples of Hera and Neptune offer a fascinating insight into the grandeur of Greek architecture.


  1. Salerno: A Fusion of History and Sea

Continue on to Salerno, a city that marries historical elegance with maritime beauty. The Arechi Castle dominates the city, while the waterfront offers spectacular views of the Gulf of Salerno.

  1. Vietri sul Mare: The Art of Coastal Ceramics

Head to Vietri sul Mare, famous for its handmade ceramics. Admire the works of art created by skilled local craftsmen and immerse yourself in the creative atmosphere of this coastal town.


  1. Amalfi: Elegance and Uncontaminated Nature

Continue to Amalfi, a coastal gem characterised by elegance and natural beauty. Explore the Cathedral of Sant’Andrea and admire the enchanting combination of architecture and the blue sea.

ph Luigi De Lucia
  1. Sorrento: Panoramic Beauty on the Sorrento Peninsula

Move to Sorrento, a place that offers spectacular panoramic views of the Sorrento Peninsula. Explore the historic centre, savour the local cuisine and enjoy the hospitality of the region.


  1. Capri: The Enchanted Island in the Tyrrhenian Sea

From the peninsula, head to the enchanting island of Capri. The Gardens of Augustus will give you a peaceful break, while the Piazzetta will immerse you in the elegant atmosphere of this Mediterranean paradise.


  1. Pompeii: A Phenomenology of the Past

Moving on, visit Pompeii, a window into the life of ancient Rome. The streets, houses and frescoes preserved from the volcanic ash will give you a unique insight into antiquity.

  1. Pizzo Calabro: Sweets and Views of the Tyrrhenian Sea

Stop in Pizzo Calabro, where the sweetness of its culinary specialities meets the beauty of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Taste the famous ‘Tartufo’ and admire the Murat Castle overlooking the sea.


  1. Tropea: The Charm of a Beach Resort

Move on to Tropea, a seaside resort with unique scenery. Admire the fascinating cliffs and enjoy the charm of the old town.

Here you can be enchanted by the purity of its crystal-clear sea.

  1. Aeolian Islands: A Paradisiac Escape

From the mainland, explore the Aeolian Islands, a natural paradise. From Vulcano to Stromboli, these volcanic islands will offer you unique experiences and breathtaking views.


  1. Scilla: The Charm of the Ionian Sea

Reach Scilla, with its enchanting scenery on the Ionian Sea. Admire the Ruffo Castle and immerse yourself in the history and traditions of this fascinating location.


  1. Reggio Calabria: Cultural Discovery in the South

Move on to Reggio Calabria, where culture and beauty come together. Explore the National Archaeological Museum, known for its Riace bronzes, and enjoy a stroll along the seafront.

  1. Roman Villa of Casignana: A Hidden Treasure

Discover the Roman Villa of Casignana, a hidden gem of Calabria. Admire the ancient mosaics that tell mythological stories and depict life at the time.


  1. Gerace: Art and Medieval Atmosphere

Continue on to Gerace, a medieval village steeped in beauty. Explore the Cathedral and the cobbled streets of this enchanting town.

Don’t forget to taste the famous Calabrian nduja, a typical spicy salami.


  1. Stilo: An Elegant Cultural Stage

Head to Stilo, where elegance combines with culture. Admire the Cattolica of Stilo, an example of Byzantine architecture, and be enchanted by its charm.


  1. Santa Severina: History and Panoramic Views

Continue on to Santa Severina, a town that will amaze you with its history and panoramic views. Explore the Aragonese Castle and enjoy the panorama of the surrounding valley.


  1. Le Castella: The Castle in the Ionian Sea

Reach Le Castella, an enchanting place with a castle in the sea. Explore the castle and enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea.

Here you will find long stretches of coastline with completely red beaches, hence the name ‘Red Beaches’.


  1. Lamezia Terme: A Relaxing Finish

Conclude your trip in Lamezia Terme, where you can relax and reflect on your extraordinary experiences in southern Italy. Enjoy some free time before leaving this one.






  2. BARI
  7. LECCE
  9. BARI
  10. MATERA

‘Discovering the Architectural and Cultural Gems of Apulia’


The Puglia region in southern Italy offers a tourist experience rich in history, art and architectural beauty. This itinerary will take you through some of the most fascinating and unique towns in Puglia, from Andria to Matera, offering a taste of the art, culture and architecture of this region.


  1. Andria: Gateway to Apulia

Start your journey in Andria, a city that welcomes visitors with its history and authenticity. Visit the majestic Castel del Monte, a masterpiece of medieval architecture, which enchants with its symmetry and enigmas.


  1. Bari: Tradition and Modernity in the Heart of the Adriatic

Continue to Bari, a city that mixes tradition and modernity. Explore the Old Town with the Basilica of San Nicola and stroll along the seafront to capture the energy of the Adriatic Sea.

ph Holger Uwe Schmitt
  1. Polignano a Mare: The Enchantment of a Coastal Pearl

Head to Polignano a Mare, where sheer cliffs create a spectacular panorama. Explore the historic centre and enjoy the crystal clear sea that laps its shores.

  1. Alberobello: The World of Trulli

Continue on to Alberobello, a town unique in the world thanks to its trulli, the characteristic cone-roofed dwellings. Explore the cobbled streets and discover the unique atmosphere of this place.

  1. Monopoli: Between History and the Adriatic Sea

Move on to Monopoli, a town that flaunts history and maritime beauty. Admire the Castle of Charles V and stroll along the harbour for an authentic experience.


  1. Locorotondo: The Enchanting White Village

Head to Locorotondo, a charming village with white houses and narrow streets. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and authentic beauty of this place.


  1. Lecce: Baroque and Refinement

Continue on to Lecce, famous for its Baroque architecture. Admire the majestic Basilica of Santa Croce and immerse yourself in the elegant squares and picturesque streets.

Before you leave, take a bite of pasticciotti leccesi.

  1. Ostuni: The White City of Apulia

Move on to Ostuni, known as the ‘White City’. Explore its maze of cobbled streets and admire the white houses overlooking the sea.


  1. Bari: Another Look at the Adriatic City

Return to Bari for further exploration of the city. Take the opportunity to discover new corners and experience another part of this fascinating city.


  1. Matera: The Enchanted Stone of Basilicata

Conclude your trip in Matera, a city of houses carved into the rock. Explore the Sassi di Matera, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and immerse yourself in the magical and unique atmosphere of this place.

ph Luigi Graziano Di Matteo


This itinerary has taken you through some of Puglia’s most fascinating pearls, offering a close-up look at the art, architecture and culture of this region. From the cone-roofed houses of Alberobello to the Baroque streets of Lecce and the fascinating caves of Matera, each stop has immersed you in a unique and extraordinary world. Let these experiences inspire you to further explore the beauty of Puglia and discover even more of its hidden wonders.




  4. NOTO
  11. ERICE
  13. CEFALU’

“An Enchanting Journey among the Wonders of Sicily: Art, History and Beauty Without Borders”.

Sicily, with its rich history, culture and breathtaking landscapes, offers an unforgettable journey through some of its most fascinating cities. This itinerary will guide you through a complete discovery of the region, from lively Catania to the fascinating pearls of the coast and hinterland. An experience that will immerse you in the wealth of art, history and natural beauty that only Sicily can offer.


  1. Catania: The Gateway to Sicilian Elegance

Start your trip in Catania, a city that enchants with its Baroque heritage and the vibrant energy of its streets. Admire the Cathedral of Sant’Agata and the iconic elephant in Piazza Duomo.

Don’t miss the magical Sicilian cassata and the famous cannoli.

  1. Taormina: Panoramic View of Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea

Continue to Taormina, famous for its spectacular views of Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea. Explore the Greek Theatre, admire the gardens of Villa Comunale and stroll along the elegant streets.


  1. Syracuse: An Ancient City of History and Art

Move to Syracuse, where the ancient Greek city mixes with Baroque art. Explore the Neapolis Archaeological Park and soak up the unique atmosphere of Ortigia Island.

ph Andrea Savi
  1. Noto: An Example of Sicilian Baroque

Head to Noto, a jewel of Sicilian Baroque. Admire the ornate streets and impressive churches that make this city a true architectural masterpiece.


  1. Ragusa: The Intricate Baroque Labyrinth

Continue on to Ragusa, a city that will amaze you with its intricate maze of streets and Baroque palaces. Explore Ragusa Ibla and be captivated by its authentic atmosphere.


  1. Modica: Chocolate and Baroque Beauty

Move on to Modica, known for its handmade chocolate and Baroque architecture. Explore the churches and palaces that characterise this fascinating town.

Taste the world-famous Modica chocolate, where you will also be able to appreciate the master chocolatiers who will show you the processing techniques.

ph Maurizio Moro
  1. Piazza Armerina: Treasures of the Roman Era

Head to Piazza Armerina, where the Villa Romana del Casale will take you back in time with its well-preserved mosaics, testimony to the richness of Roman times.


  1. Agrigento: Magnificence of Ancient Akragas

Continue to Agrigento, where the Valley of the Temples will welcome you with its magnificence. Admire the Greek temples, including the Temple of Concordia and the Temple of Juno.


  1. Palermo: Culture, History and Urban Life

Move on to Palermo, the bustling Sicilian capital. Explore the Palazzo dei Normanni with the Cappella Palatina, discover the Ballarò market and admire the Cathedral.

Here you will taste the delicious Sicilian ‘arancina’.

  1. Trapani: Between Sea, Salt and Traditions

Head to Trapani, where sea, history and traditions come together. Explore the charming streets, stroll along the harbour and admire the view from the Ligny Tower.


  1. Erice: A Medieval Village Suspended in Time

Continue on to Erice, a medieval village overlooking the coast. Explore the cobbled streets and admire the panoramic views of the town below and the sea.


  1. Monreale: The Enchantment of the Norman Cathedral

Move on to Monreale, where the Norman Cathedral will amaze you with its extraordinary mosaics. Admire the art and architecture representing the fusion of cultures.


  1. Cefalù: A Pearl on the North Coast

Reach Cefalù, a pearl on the northern coast. Explore the cathedral and enjoy the charm of this city overlooking the sea.


This itinerary guided you through a series of extraordinary stops, revealing the beauty, history and art that characterise Sicily. From the majesty of the Greek temples of Agrigento to the vibrancy of Palermo, from the tranquillity of Erice to the Baroque wonders of Noto and Ragusa, each stop enriched your journey with unique experiences. Sicily offers an infinite variety of places to explore and discover, proving that it is a destination that never ceases to surprise and fascinate.



  3. ERICE
  5. CEFALU’
  8. NOTO
  10. MODICA

“A Cultural and Historical Itinerary among the Wonders of Sicily”.

Sicily, a land of ancient civilisations and rich in history, offers a fascinating journey through its most emblematic cities. From Palermo to the enchanting Agrigento, this itinerary will take you to discover the cultural and historical gems of the region.


  1. Palermo: The Beginning of the Adventure between Art and History

Your journey begins in lively Palermo. Explore the Norman Palace with its magnificent Palatine Chapel, admire the Cathedral and immerse yourself in the fascinating atmosphere of its historic quarters.

Taste here the Sicilian cassata and the world-envied Sicilian cannoli.

  1. Trapani: Exploring Traditions and Seascapes

Continue to Trapani, a city that blends centuries-old traditions and ocean views. Enjoy a stroll through the historic centre and admire the view from the Ligny Tower.


  1. Erice: A Medieval Treasure between Clouds and Sea

Head to Erice, a medieval hilltop village. Explore the cobbled streets, admire the breathtaking views and immerse yourself in its unique atmosphere.

  1. Monreale: The Splendour of the Norman Mosaics

Move on to Monreale, where the Norman cathedral will fascinate you with its extraordinary mosaics. Discover art and architecture representing the fusion of different cultures.


  1. Cefalù: Beauty, Sea and History in the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea

Arrive in Cefalù, a pearl on the northern coast. Admire the magnificent cathedral and enjoy the charm of this town overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.


  1. Taormina: Elegance between Sea and Mountains

Continue on to Taormina, a town that enchants with its panoramic views of Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea. Explore the Greek Theatre and stroll through the charming streets.

  1. Syracuse: An Ancient City of Art and Culture

Move on to Syracuse, a historic centre that mixes ancient Greece with Baroque art. Explore the island of Ortigia and admire the Greek Theatre.


  1. Noto: Baroque and Architectural Beauty

Head to Noto, a city that will surprise you with its unique Baroque style. Admire the churches and buildings that make this city an architectural gem.


  1. Ragusa: The Enchantment of Baroque in the Heart of Sicily

Continue on to Ragusa, a place where Baroque blends with the charm of the past. Explore Ragusa Ibla and admire the architecture that characterises this city.


  1. Modica: Chocolate and Baroque Treasures

Move on to Modica, famous for its handmade chocolate and Baroque architecture. Discover the churches and palaces that make Modica a unique place.

ph Maurizio Moro
  1. Piazza Armerina: Roman Elegance at the Villa Romana del Casale

Head to Piazza Armerina, where the Villa Romana del Casale will bring the Roman era to life with its extraordinary mosaics and sumptuous rooms.

Discover “Piazza Armerina” with us!

  1. Agrigento: Between Greek Magnificence and Spectacular Views

Continue to Agrigento, where the Valley of the Temples will welcome you with its ancient Greek temples. Admire the historical magnificence and spectacular views.


This itinerary has guided you through a series of stops revealing Sicily’s unique art, history and culture. From the magnificence of the temples of Agrigento to the vibrancy of Palermo, from the Baroque pearls of Noto and Ragusa to the medieval enchantment of Erice, each place enriched your journey with unforgettable experiences. Sicily offers an extraordinary cultural heritage mixed with natural beauty, making this itinerary a fascinating journey into the history and soul of this region.


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