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The summer solstice is staged at the Andromeda theatre



Andromeda Theatre

In the extraordinary landscape of the Sicani Mountains, and more precisely at the Teatro di Andromeda in Santo Stefano Quisquina in the province of Agrigento, the Summer Solstice will be celebrated on 21 June: ‘The sun enters the mouth of the Imago and becomes the word of light…’.
An event that every year attracts many people attracted both by the wonder of the place and by the desire to celebrate the most beautiful season of the year.
In the setting of one of the most beautiful and fascinating open-air theatres in Europe, created by the imagination of Lorenzo Reina, a man who by destiny was supposed to be a shepherd but who the same destiny moulded him for poetry and art, one can witness the most awaited event of the year.
The Andromeda Theatre is a magical place that is perfectly balanced between the immensity of the sea and the infinity of the sky. What makes this place even more precious are the works of art and installations that adorn it and further accentuate its beauty.

21 June, the summer solstice

The enchantment reaches its climax on 21 June each year, during the summer solstice, a mystical and spiritual moment celebrated through the passage of light. Indeed, the sunlight reflects off the metal disc placed above the window behind the theatre stage, creating a circle of shadow in the centre of the stage.

At sunset, a ray of sunlight passes through the mouth of the Imago, a sculpture located along the path leading to the theatre, and becomes a word of light.

The Imago at solstice time
The Imago at solstice time
The event also features a musical performance. In fact, at 5.30 p.m. a concert by the artist, author, writer and composer Ezio Noto & Disìu will begin right in front of the Mask of the Word.
For information on tickets and organization, please consult the Andromeda Theatre website:



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