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Michelin Guide 2024: 13 Italian restaurant with 3 Michelin Stars


Thirteen Italian restaurants have been awarded three stars in the 2024 Michelin Guide

The judgment of the new Michelin Guide 2024 has been released, marking its 69th edition and assigning a record-breaking 395 stars this year. Italy now boasts thirteen restaurants with three Michelin stars, solidifying its second position after France. For enthusiasts of gourmet cuisine, a visit and tasting at these exceptional establishments are an absolute must. Let’s explore the details, starting with the newcomers: Atelier Moessmer Norbert Niederkofler in Brunico and Quattro Passi in Nerano.


Atelier Moessmer Norbert Niederkofler, Brunico (Bolzano)

In the renovated setting of a beautifully restored historic residence, Chef Niederkofler persists in his foundational principle of “cooking the mountain”: exclusively using the finest ingredients sourced directly from the surrounding mountains and valleys. These are provided by producers and farmers who scrupulously respect natural cycles to preserve flavors and nutritional elements. The dish that sealed the restaurant’s third star was the risotto with robiola, grated egg yolk, and watercress, enchanting judges with its aromatic profile and incredible flavor nuances.


Quattro Passi, Nerano (Naples)

Nerano in Campania once again claims three prestigious stars, this time for the restaurant Quattro Passi, which first illuminated this paradise 40 years ago. The credit for the two stars goes to the skillful Chef Tonino Mellino, who recently handed over the reins to his young and talented son, Fabrizio. The latter has taken the final step towards the Olympus of global gastronomy, elevating Campanian and Mediterranean cuisine to levels of extraordinary refinement, style, and sensitivity. Highlighted dishes include linguine alla Nerano, fusillone with sea urchins, Laticauda lamb, and savory pastries—a journey from tradition to modernity while firmly maintaining the path of pure taste through ingredient respect and perfect cooking.


Villa Crespi, Orta San Giulio (Novara)

Villa Crespi, located on the enchanting Lake Orta, houses Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo and his genius. The restaurant earned its first Michelin star in 2003, followed by a second in 2006, and recently, a prestigious third in 2023. Cannavacciuolo’s cuisine is a unique culinary experience, blending Mediterranean flavors with Piedmontese tradition.


Piazza Duomo, Alba (Cuneo)

Led by Chef Enrico Crippa, Piazza Duomo in Alba celebrates the cuisine of the Langhe region with visually stunning dishes that almost seem to come from an art studio. Crippa’s culinary art relies on high-quality ingredients and a deep connection to the territory. The Michelin star recognizes a continued dedication to culinary excellence by the chef and his team, making Piazza Duomo a must-visit for those seeking a refined culinary experience.


Da Vittorio, Brusaporto (Bergamo)

Located in Brusaporto, in the province of Bergamo, Da Vittorio is led by the Cerea family—brothers Enrico, Roberto, and Giovanni. The restaurant has earned the highest recognition from the Michelin Guide, solidifying its prestigious position in the Italian culinary scene. The cuisine is a celebration of Lombard gastronomic tradition, enriched by a modern interpretation and the use of high-quality ingredients. The restaurant’s welcoming and refined atmosphere, combined with impeccable service, contributes to creating an unforgettable gastronomic experience.


Le Calandre, Rubano (Padua)

Established in 1981, Le Calandre in Rubano boasts Chef Massimiliano Alajmo, who in 2002 became the youngest three-starred chef in Europe. The restaurant’s menu is organized into three tasting courses, complemented by an extensive cellar featuring producers and wine regions from around the world. Additionally, the restaurant has consistently ranked in The World’s 50 Best Restaurant list since 2006, reaching the tenth position in 2022.


Dal Pescatore, Canneto Sull’Oglio (Mantua)

Managed by the Santini family, with Nadia and Giovanni at the helm, Dal Pescatore in Canneto sull’Oglio, with its welcoming atmosphere and impeccable service, has received the prestigious Michelin recognition, affirming its excellence in the Italian gastronomic scene. Dal Pescatore’s cuisine pays homage to local culinary tradition, enriched by refined execution and the freshness of ingredients.


Osteria Francescana, Modena

Osteria Francescana in Modena is an icon of Italian cuisine, led by Chef Massimo Bottura. The Michelin star attests to Bottura and his team’s extraordinary dedication to culinary perfection. The restaurant has become synonymous with culinary excellence, offering dishes that tell stories and evoke emotions through unique flavors. Osteria Francescana is a globally renowned culinary destination, where art and gastronomy merge into an extraordinary experience for the most refined palates.


Enoteca Pinchiorri, Florence

Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence is a gastronomic icon, known for its Michelin-starred cuisine and an extraordinary cellar with over 4,000 wines. Founded in 1972 by Giorgio Pinchiorri and renowned chef Annie Féolde, the restaurant offers a blend of Tuscan and French cuisine in an elegant setting. The refined dishes are accompanied by impeccable service, creating an unforgettable culinary experience in the heart of the beautiful Tuscan city.


La Pergola, Rome

Founded by Heinz Beck, La Pergola is located in the Rome Cavalieri Hotel and offers refined cuisine based on high-quality ingredients. The wine list is an impressive collection that enhances each dish. With an elegant atmosphere and impeccable service, La Pergola is a place where haute cuisine merges with the beauty of Rome, providing guests with an unforgettable culinary experience.


Reale, Castel di Sangro (L’Aquila)

Led by Chef Niko Romito, the restaurant Reale in Castel di Sangro offers a unique gastronomic experience based on innovative and creative cuisine. The Reale cellar is equally impressive, featuring a curated selection of wines that beautifully complement each course.


Uliassi, Senigallia (Ancona)

Founded by Mauro Uliassi, the restaurant offers an extraordinary gastronomic experience on the beautiful Adriatic coast. Uliassi’s culinary creativity is expressed through refined and original dishes made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. The cellar, rich in a carefully selected wine collection, completes the gastronomic experience in this elegant restaurant. With a welcoming atmosphere and impeccable service, Uliassi Restaurant is an unmissable culinary destination that captivates the most refined palates.


Enrico Bartolini at MUDEC, Milan

This year, Enrico Bartolini at MUDEC in Milan secured the 85th spot in the ranking of the world’s best restaurants. Situated in the artistic and cultural context of MUDEC, the restaurant combines Bartolini’s culinary creativity with an elegant presentation of dishes inspired by the exhibited artworks. The cuisine stands out for the use of high-quality ingredients and a constant pursuit of innovation. The wine list is equally impressive, enriching the gastronomic journey. With a sophisticated atmosphere and attentive service, Enrico Bartolini at MUDEC offers a memorable culinary experience in the heart of Milan.

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