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Måneskin, new summer dates for Italy tour 2023


After hitting the stages of Pesaro, Turin, Bologna, Florence, Naples, Bari, Milan and Rome for the Italy tour 2023, split by stops in several European cities, Måneskin return with 5 new summer dates.


Måneskin, new dates for Italy tour 2023

The concert on 16 July 2023 is kicking off the hot season in Trieste, North-East Italy’s cosmopolitan and Mitteleuropean city. Nereo Rocco Municipal Stadium, the city’s main venue and the first in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, will accommodate 26,566 spectators.

Nereo Rocco Stadium, Trieste
Photo credits: Instagram – Nereo Rocco Stadium, Trieste

On 20 and 21 July, Rome will host the concerts at the Stadio Olimpico, a multi-functional sports facility in the Foro Italico complex. The Roman band Måneskin will perform in their hometown at the Olympic Stadium, which boasts a capacity of  72,698 seats.

Stadio Olimpico in Rome
Stadio Olimpico in Rome

Finally, before continuing with autumn dates in Europe and overseas, the most famous rock band of the moment will make a 24-25 July stop at Milan’s Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, also known as San Siro because of the district in which it stands. With its 75,817 seats, it is the largest in Italy. Moreover, due to the prestige of the international and sporting and other events it hosts, it can boast the title of “La Scala del Calcio” (like the renowned Milanese opera house).

Giuseppe Meazza Stadium in Milan
Photo credits: Instagram – Giuseppe Meazza Stadium in Milan


Måneskin, the rock band from Rome

The Italian band, whose members are all from Rome, will enliven and inflame an already hot summer like never before. The rock band, one of the most popular and listened to of the moment, is only 7 years old but has many successes behind it.

They are Damiano David (vocals), Victoria De Angelis (bass), Thomas Raggi (guitar) and Ethan Torchio (drums). Måneskin, in Danish – the native language of Victoria’s mother – means moonlight.

Måneskin in Via del Corso in Rome
Photo credits: Instagram – Måneskin in Via del Corso in Rome during one of their street performances (2015)

Born in 2016, Måneskin did not take long to dominate the Italian music scene. Their second place in X Factor is their springboard to fame. From their street performances in Via del Corso, where so many artists are used to performing, their character and nature already emerge.

Still under 18 at the time, the 4 Roman musicians have not forgotten their origins. The coins received from passers-by and curious tourists, full of admiration for their undeniable talent, were used to finance their first single, Chosen.


Måneskin’s Success

In 2018, they launched their first album Il ballo della vita, flying the group from the Roman reality to a national scale. They start concerts all over Italy, in a tour that registers a sold-out for every date. The second album was released in 2021, the same year they achieved incredible fame by winning the 71st edition of Sanremo Music Festival and the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.




Mtv Video Music Awards 2022
Photo credits: Instagram – Mtv Video Music Awards 2022

 This triumph earned them a prominent role on the international music scene. They have received recognitions like the American Music Award, Billboard Music Award, MTV Europe Music Award and MTV Video Music Award among others.


I Måneskin in cifre: una band da record

  • The Loneliest was the most listened-to song in the world on Spotify. But that’s not all. The song is the highest new entry in the Top Songs Global at position No. 53 and is listened to in more than 30 countries;
  • Måneskin are the 1st Italian group in history to win the MTV Video Music Awards 2022, an award for the best original video I wanna be your slave;
  • The quartet is the first to boast two singles (Beggin’ and I wanna be your slave) in the UK Top 10;
  •  First Italians to perform at the famous Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California, one of the world’s most important events;
  • First Italians in history to open a legendary and iconic Rolling Stones concert abroad.
Måneskin look Anni Settants
Photo credits: Instagram -Måneskin in un look Anni Settanta

Young and bold, Måneskin have been categorised into various genres, including pop rock, alternative rock, or glam rock, with a hint of funk influence and reverberations of 1970s rock. The Roman band is simply what it is: in their cheekiness, they are not afraid to show off their daring looks.

By way of an example, the British newspaper The Guardian called them «The Italians with sneakers and eyeliner…». Anyway, they are always at the top of the charts. If you’ve never listened to them, it’s time to experience this worldwide phenomenon yourself!

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