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From Naples to the world: the Pizza Village Festival conquers all


In Naples the Pizza Village Festival: a great event in a great location. excellence that conquers all.

It ended on 25 June and everyone is still talking about the great success of the Pizza Village Festival, event took place from 16 to 25 June at the Mostra d’Oltremare in the Fuorigrotta district of Naples.
A great event that for its final evening registered more than 45 thousand people.

Pizza is that food that unites everyone. A dish made in Italy that exports its centuries-old tradition to every part of the world. Loved at any age, savoured by all regardless of latitude or social background. Pizza is sharing, it is the history of an area that in recent years has been rediscovering and making an international audience discover its origins with a well-deserved revival.

Good food, good music and a location that lends itself perfectly to large events of this scale, in line with major European festivals: this is the Pizza Village Festival.

No wonder, then, about the success of the Napoli Pizza Village in this latest edition 2023. Thanks to the organisersAlex Marinacci and Claudio Sebillo, as well as the artistic work of Gianni Simioli, the support of RTL 102.5 and the company Caputo, which has created interesting playful-educational moments for both children and adults, this eleventh edition ended with a record turnout and satisfaction of the administration of the municipality of Naples.

In a district that had already welcomed a great celebration in the previous month, that for the victory of Calcio Napoli’s third Scudetto, the start of the summer season was also celebrated this month in the name of conviviality. In fact, the Pizza Village Festival in Naples was an event that involved thousands of people of all ages. It was great to see young people and families gathered together in a spacious but enclosed environment, safe and full of events truly aimed at the whole family.

Alex Marinaccie Claudio Sebillo (organizzatori Pizza Village) together with the mayor Manfredi e a Caputo (AD-Mulino-Caputo), Pino Celio e Simone Fortinato

“An extraordinary Pizza Village in a great location” – declared the Mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredi – “A large community that is then enriched with a lot of music, obviously combined with the great skills of pizza makers, and with many families who also rediscover the Mostra d’Oltremare as a place of sociality. It is a way to spend an evening in nature, in the green, in the fresh air. I think this is the beginning of a very important journey for this event at the Mostra d’Oltremare.

A decentralized location, compared to previous editions more “romantic” view of Vesuvius in recent years, which has not seen the number of tourists recorded in the past, but definitely an event organized flawlessly, worthy of great events such as the famous beer festival in Munich.

“Surely, if one goes to Oktoberfest one knows that it is done in the park, and it has always been done there, so the communication has already gone through. Then you also have to tell people that they can go and spend a nice evening in Naples, in a place that is suitable for everyone, where you can participate in many different initiatives. I think that after this first edition here at the Mostra d’Oltremare, we need to reflect and still work to further enrich this beautiful project’..

He then continued the Mayor Manfredi, reiterating the need for long-term planning and the need to work to a more targeted communication to the target of tourists, making available, for example, shuttles that take them from the city center to the event location.

The Napoli Pizza Village was not only an event to taste the many proposals of great master pizza makers (from pizza with meat sauce to fish pizza), but also an opportunity to participate in cultural debates on food, such as the pairing of pizza and wine, moderated by Italian journalist and gastronome Luciano Pignataro or the reflection on Pizza as a Key Factor in Hospitality Destination Management.


Not only food, of course, when talking about excellence from Campania: during the days of the festival, other local traditions were also discussed. For example, there was a discussion on Crafts and Art in Naples, hosted by Alessandra Barone of Tg1. Other topics discussed during the days included music and its visceral relationship with the city of Naples, the area’s cultural heritage, tourism and even sport.


All this was due above all to the ample spaces of the Mostra d’Oltremare, which made it possible to divide the Pizza Village festival into well-organised sections, with large dining areas and airy gardens.

Shows for all tastes, then, just like the many tastes of the pizzas offered by the 36 pizzerias at the Pizza Village festival in Naples.

On the stage of the Pizza Village Festival, thanks to the commitment of the national radio-television RTL 102.5, numerous national artists have alternated during the evenings, such as The Kolors, Nicola Siciliano, Orietta Berti e Fabio Rovazzi who presented to the public the new summer catchphrase “La discoteca Italiana”, Francesco Gabbani, Leo Gassmann, Gabriele Esposito, Mr. Rain, Cristiano Malgioglio, il rapper Geolier, Rosa Chemical,the influencer’s ex-boyfriendr Taylor Mega Tony Effe, la rivelazione di Amici 2023 Angelina Mango…just to name a few.


All in all, the Pizza Village Festival in Naples can truly become an important international attraction, where tourists and locals can enjoy themselves, delve into topics of gastronomic and other cultures, taste the best pizzas of their lives and spend an entire day in a place of serenity and harmony, accompanied by the folklore and warmth of the Neapolitan people.




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