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Milan welcomes the 2023 Fencing World Championships: high expectations ahead of the Paris Olympics



The World Fencing Championships officially started a few hours ago.
For the eighth edition, the city of Milan will host the event for the entire duration.
This event will enable its more than 1,200 participants from 165 countries to gain a pass for qualification to the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Milan is ready to host the World Cup 2023

Let’s remember that this is the last chance to enter, so we will certainly see some good things.
It is important that the World Federation has chosen Milan as the venue for this event from 22 to 30 July.

Without a doubt, the city during these days will be besieged by the many fans coming from all over the world to support their nations.
The programme foresees nine days of competitions on the piste, which will begin with the preliminary rounds and end with the finals for the long-awaited podium.


The disciplines competing with champions

The disciplines in competition will be Foil, Epee and Sabre, both individual and team.
Italy will try to put all its gems on the piste to have great satisfaction and snatch important passes in view of the Olympics.

For the men’s foil specialty, we will have great athletes competing such as Filippo Macchi, who managed to overcome the reigning world champion Enzo Lefort during the Europeans, but also Alessio Foconi and Tommaso Marini.

Also important is the presence of Rio 2016 gold medallist and Tokyo 2020 silver medallist Daniele Garozzo.
Threatening the Azzurri will be the US battleship, which will field the number 1 ranking Alexander Massialas.

For the men’s sabre specialty, we will have the Georgian powerhouse with Sandro Bazadze and the pitfalls of Hungarians Andras Szatmari and Aron Szilagyi.
Not to be underestimated, however, is the presence of our compatriot Gigi Samele, who, as we all know, will try to impress and grab the chance to medal.

For epee, on the other hand, Italy will bring the great Davide Di Veroli to the piste, ready to give a hard time to the French Romain Cannone, title holder and gold medallist at Tokyo 2020, and to the number one in the ranking, the Japanese Koki Kano.
The Japanese Kazuyasu Minobe and French veteran Alexandre Bardenet, who can easily have their say in this world competition, will also be there.

There is also a lot of quality that will take the field for the women’s team.

For foil, after the success in Bulgaria, with a rich haul of medals, Italy will have Martina Badini, Martina Favaretto, Alice Volpi, and especially the great return of Arianna Errigo after the maternity leave.
Also on the piste will be Francesca Palumbo, who has given way to Errigo for the individual event, but will be present in the team competition.

For sabre we will have the presence of European champion Manon Apithy-Brunet, who will be challenged by the number one ranked Misaki Emura.
Italy will not be unprepared and will field Michela Battiston, after her injury in Bulgaria, and the talented Martina Criscio, who will be feeling strong after her bronze medal at the European Championships.

For epee, it will be a competition with a clear Asian asset, with Vivian Kong Man Wai, the number one contender for victory, and with South Korean Song Sera, the reigning world champion, who will try to achieve an encore.
For the European front, there will be France, which will field Alexandra Louis Marie, winner at the European Championships, and Auriane Mallo-Breton, bronze medallist. Wandering mine will be Marie-Florence Candassamy.
Italy will field its queen Rossella Fiamingo, world bronze medallist in Cairo, and reigning European silver medallist Mara Navarria.
For the American continent, Brazil’s Nathalie Moellhausen is ready to do battle.

So, it promises to be a beautiful world championship, both for the quality of the athletes competing and for the beautiful venue chosen, the city of Milan.


Below is the programme of the World Competition to be held in Milan:


Saturday 22 July
09:00 – 17:00: Individual men’s sabre and women’s epee (preliminary rounds)

Sunday, 23 July
09:00 – 17:00: Men’s epee and women’s foil individual (preliminary rounds)

Monday 24 July
09:00 – 17:00: Men’s foil and women’s sabre individual (preliminary rounds)

Tuesday 25 July
09:00 – 19:00: Men’s sabre and women’s epee individual (T64 to final)

Wednesday, 26 July
09:00 – 19:00: Men’s epee and women’s foil individual (T64 to final)

Thursday, 27 July
09:00 – 17:00: Men’s sabre and women’s epee team (up to T8)
09:00 – 19:00: Men’s foil and women’s sabre individual (T64 to final)

Friday 28 July
09:00 – 17:00: Men’s epee and women’s foil team (up to T8)
10:00 – 19:00: Men’s sabre and women’s epee team (T8 to final)

Saturday 29 July
09:00 – 17:00: Men’s foil and women’s sabre in teams (up to T8)
10:00 – 19:00: Men’s epee and women’s foil team (T8 to final)

Sunday 30 July
10:00 – 19:00: Men’s foil and women’s sabre team (T8 to final)


How will it be possible to follow the competitions of the FIE Fencing World Championships Milan 2023 in live streaming?


It will be possible to follow the competitions of the IWF Fencing World Championships Milan 2023 in live streaming on Olympic Channel using http://olympics.com.
In Italy, it will be possible to watch the matches free-to-air on Rai channels and on Sky Sport, as well as on online platforms such as RaiPlay and on NOW TV. The final stages will also be broadcast on Eurosport and streamed on Discovery+.


Photocredit:milanopockets.it, lapresse

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