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Coldplay arrive in Naples: first stop pizza from Sorbillo and a walk along the seafront



Great expectations for Coldplay’s concert in Naples.

The legendary British band already landed in Naples, where, late yesterday evening, they enjoyed the Neapolitan pearl that is pizza.
Welcomed by Totò Sorbillo, Gino’s brother, Coldplay received a beautiful pizza on a red base with their name decorated with mozzarella cheese.

After dinner, Chris Martin decided to take a walk along the Naples waterfront to enjoy the city in its most picturesque places.
Coldplay was already itching to play in Naples. It is no coincidence that, shortly after winning the Scudetto, they had tweeted congratulating Napoli and launching the charge.

Naples, which has now become one of the most important and evocative cities, is ready to welcome major events and give its guests its beauty and riches in return.

Those of June 21 and 22 are expected to be two sold-out concerts, where both the Neapolitan and non-Neapolitan people are ready to sing and have fun with one of the most globally recognized bands for their beautiful songs and their success that has grown year by year.

Cover image, photo credits: Totò Sorbillo

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