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The Resurrection of the Olive Tree: the Rhinoceros defying Xylella in the heart of Salento


In Apulia, Salento is the land of sun, sea and wind, but also the home of creativity.
Olive tree artist Gino Leo has decided to breathe new life into an old olive tree affected by the bacterium Xylella. The result is a particularly expressive rhinoceros, inaugurated a few days ago at the San Donato di Lecce Sports, Music and Culture Park.

The resurrection of the olive tree, namely the Rhinoceros, was created during a craft workshop, focusing on hand gouging techniques.
Much was the enthusiasm of the mayor, Alessandro Quarta, who declared: “Our city continues on its path as a city of art and tourism, enhancing all local resources and endowing the Sports, Music and Culture Park with a new work of art”. He added: “Master Gino Leo is a pride for our entire city“.

The city councillor, Donato Metallo, expressed his interest in the work also in terms of territory promotion and tourism:
“Through an artistic intervention on an olive tree affected by Xylella, the Rinhoceros emphasizes how the territory can benefit from artists even more. It is a crucial challenge of rethinking, regenerating, and reinventing ourselves while never betraying our roots”.

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