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Saturnia Thermal Baths: the perfect place for a relaxing weekend



Can you think of a better way to celebrate the weekend than to start planning to spend a few days in full relaxation in one of Italy’s many postcard places?


Italy is a beautiful country in many ways, and it offers natural wonders, often for free, that make you feel lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful country. Just think of the Nasoni of Rome, the drinking fountains from which fresh water runs: what a fortune to fill our bottles for free simply walking through the city.

A relaxing weekend at the Saturnia Thermal Baths

The ideal place to discharge all the tension of a working week and to take advantage of the beautiful sunny days to recharge your energy and good mood is undoubtedly the thermal baths. And an Italian wonder that you can enjoy for free is the Saturnia Thermal Baths, whose discovery leaves you amazed and stunned; a thermal spring nestled among the green hills of the Tuscan Maremma, just a two-hour drive from Rome.


The Saturnia Thermal Baths: benefits for body and mind


The visitor encounters the first sight of the thermal baths of Saturnia coming out of the woods of the countryside of South Tuscany. The first image that comes to the eyes is the Mill Waterfalls (Cascate del Mulino): an old farmhouse, with brick and lime walls, with a wooden mill wheel on the right side, perched above the blue waterfalls, a colour given by the white bed of the Gorello stream, from which the thermal baths originate.

Saturnia Thermal Baths
Saturnia Thermal Baths, photo by Gianluca Colombi

And along the reedbed along the river, you will finally reach the slight descent that leads straight into the thermal waters. The torrent flow is vast. It ranges from the pools under the waterfalls, the most sought-after destination, to the middle of the reedbeds. Here is a plain part with less deep and less picturesque pools, but much more comfortable and suitable for enjoying relaxation when other visitors are in the area of the waterfalls.

Saturnia Thermal Baths
Gorrello river



Fortunately, the flow of people during the day is quite variable, so with a little patience, you can find your place in the pools under the waterfalls even during the most popular periods, which are indeed beautiful summer days. It is really worth the waiting, even just to enjoy the natural massage of the water that comes down from the mill, under which you can immerse and isolate yourself from the rest of the world.

Saturnia Thermal Baths
Polls at the Mill Waterfallls

Precisely because of this jet, however, and because this part of the Saturnia Thermal Baths is still natural and wild, it is advisable to take some precautions. In the meantime, it is good to know that the Mill Waterfalls are also served by a service of very well-maintained bathrooms where you can also take a shower, as well as by a diner bar.


It is recommended to wear rock shoes, to avoid slipping on the muddy ground in and out of the watercourse, to bring a towel to lay on the banks of the stream and to wear old costumes since they could lose a little colour due to the dissolved materials inside the thermal water.


It is precisely thanks to this composition, made of sulfurcalcium and magnesium, in fact, that the waters of the Saturnia Thermal Baths also have beneficial effects on the skin, in addition to offering pleasant hours of complete relaxation. You can see visible results already after the first hours, which depend on the anti-oxidant and exfoliating properties of the thermal bath. But in addition to beauty and nerves, the hot springs of Saturnia are also recommended as a remedy for joint pain and blood pressure.

Although the thermal baths are a popular destination, especially in the summer, the constant temperature of 98.6°F of the water coming from the spring makes it a perfect place for a relaxing weekend even in times when the outdoor temperature is not so warm, indeed in those cases it is even more pleasant to immerse yourself in the water and let yourself slide among the beneficial muds.

Saturnia Thermal Baths
Free Pools at the Mill Waterfalls

The area of the Saturnia Thermal Baths of the Mill Waterfalls is undoubtedly the most suggestive of the entire thermal area. It is an invaluable heritage, especially if it is at the complete disposal of visitors.


But, for those who want a less wild environment, there is also a private thermal structure, with a Spa Resort and golf course, which uses the same thermal spring of the Mill Waterfalls, or, if you have the whole weekend available, you can very well integrate the two experiences.


Where to stay for the night near the Saturnia Thermal Baths


Where to sleep to enjoy this relaxing weekend at the Saturnia Thermal Baths? If you plan to spend the weekend in the plain of Maremma near Grosseto, the range of offers is very wide. First, there is a campsite a kilometre from the Mill Waterfalls, connected by a pedestrian path and equipped with pitches for tents, cars and campers, as well as bathrooms and showers.

Being the most direct point of support for the thermal baths, it is advisable to book the campsite well in advance.

Otherwise, there is the Hotel linked to the Spa delle Terme, or the numerous farmhouses or camping in the surroundings, for example, the Poggio del Castagno in Pitigliano, or a little further away the Argentario where you can discover one of the tree houses where you can stay and spend a different night, such as those you dream of as a child.


Saturnia Thermal Baths
Camping Poggio del Castagno

The Saturnia Thermal Baths are born ages ago


Some sources say that the Baths of Saturnia have existed since time immemorial for more than 3.000 years. It seems that there was a trace of it already in the time of the Etruscans, and surely the name refers to the Roman god Saturn, who is linked to this place and to the city of Saturnia by numerous legends and myths, which would seem to include also the paladin Orlando.


What is certain is that the thermal baths were then “privatized” by some of the most famous and noble Roman families, such as the Aldobrandeschi and the Orsini, until they passed into the hands of the Ciacci family, who created the structure of the Spa and the annexed Hotel.


In addition, it has been possible to trace the origin of the waters of the thermal baths, which come from the depths of Monta Amiata, an extinct volcano located in the province of Grosseto, in southern Tuscany, and from which the waters depart for a journey that will last 40 years before they flow into the thermal spring. This explains why they are so rich in minerals and have such a high temperature, unlike other aquifers with very low temperatures.


That Tuscany was a place full of experiences and picturesque landscapes was certainly not a mystery. Still, it is always good to remember all the wonderful experiences that our territory offers.


Ready for a relaxing weekend?



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