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La Scogliera: the exclusive restaurant in Porto Massimo, the epicentre of luxury in the La Maddalena Archipelago



We are near the La Maddalena archipelago in northern Sardinia.
We can say that, in this area, summer luxury reigns supreme.We are at the restaurant “La Scogliera”, documented by the Rai 3 program “#cartabianca,” in La Maddalena, where a pizza can cost as much as 100 euros and a plate of raw fish touches 1500 euros.


The spearhead are the wines, whose gold bottles can cost as much as a car.
Owner Andrea Orecchioni explained in the interview that they feed guests while keeping an eye on their boats, which is undoubtedly the most important thing.
The place where the restaurant is located is Porto Massimo, the docking place of the most valuable extra-luxury yachts.


On the daily seafood menu, the “King Scogliera”,  a dish that includes 24 oysters, lobster, langoustine, shrimp, and lots of other raw up to beluga caviar, stands out at the modest price of 1,400 euros. The wine cellar is also super: here are the finest bottles of wine. “Here we have the king of merlot,” explains the owner, showing a bottle of Petrus, “it costs about 20 thousand.

Next is shown a red wine from Tuscany, Masseto: “This bottle is 3 liters, 32 thousand euros.”
If the yachts are too big, no problem: a tender service is activated, which takes customers directly from the yacht to the table.
The service opens with a 330 euro per kilo lobster, and a 700 euro lobster is framed, as the smiling owner recounts.

VIP guests at La Scogliera

Undoubtedly, it is the place most loved by VIPs. Just in the past few days, former world champion and Ballon d’Or winner Benzema, Argentines Lamela, Acuña and Álvarez, Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson, Nerazzurri coach Inzaghi and Cagliari’s Peruvian bomber Lapadula have been guests.
Of course, each valued guest was immortalized by souvenir selfies.


Discover “La Maddalena” with us


foto credits: Official Website

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