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Italy’s 10 most Instagrammable lakes: don’t miss these beautiful Italian wonders


There are many firsts in the Bel Paese, not least Italy holds the most beautiful and Instagrammable lakes in Europe.
The platform Musement has ranked the most beautiful lakes in relation to shares on Instagram.

Here is the ranking of the most beautiful lakes in Italy

Lake Bracciano

Trailing in social mentions, but not in beauty, is Lake Bracciano, whose waters embrace the cities of Viterbo and Rome. With its beaches, including the Vigna di Valle beach and the Spiaggia dei Gabbiani, it attracts many bathers during summer periods.

Lake Carezza

In ninth place is Lake Carezza, with an impressive 108,000 mentions on Instagram.
It originates in the Dolomites and stretches until it almost reaches Bolzano.
Lake Carezza bears the “mirror” of the Dolomites as its nickname, since the Latemar massif is reflected in its waters.


Lake Bolsena

In eighth place is Lake Bolsena, the largest volcanic lake in Europe and one of the most important nature attractions in the province of Viterbo.
It is best known for its possible water sports activities, from canoeing to beautiful sport fishing.


Lake Trasimeno

Going up further, we find the beautiful Lake Trasimeno, with its 182,000 mentions on Instagram.
It originates in Umbria, the green heart of Italy, and allows local residents and visitors to cool off on hot summer days.

Lake Orta

Lake Orta narrowly drops out of the top five.
With 215,000 mentions, it is nestled among its trails that open to priceless natural beauty, including the Blue Ring, a route of about 40 km around the lake.

Lake Iseo

In the top five is Lake Iseo, located between the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia.
It has become one of the most popular tourist destinations, especially in the summer months, as it is a place to cool off and, above all, to visit beautiful villages in the vicinity, such as the village of Lovere, listed among the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Lake Braies

The world-famous Lake Braies comes in fourth place, with nearly half a million mentions. It finds its origins in the province of Bolzano, is the largest in the Dolomites and shines with its emerald waters that freeze over in the winter months.

Lake Maggiore

On the third step of the ranking is Lake Maggiore, with an impressive 1.4 million shares.
It is about 80 percent in Italy, between Piedmont and Lombardy, while 20 percent is in Switzerland, specifically in Canton Ticino.
The best place to visit and enjoy the lake at its best is undoubtedly the town of Stresa, from which you can easily reach the archipelago of the beautiful Borromean Islands.

Lake Como

In second place is Italy’s most famous lake, Lake Como, which stretches in Lombardy between the provinces of Como and Lecco.
With its 1.5 million shares, it is one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy and a source of inspiration for books, films and TV series. It is also home to famous residences, such as that of the well-known American actor George Clooney.

Lake Garda

With an impressive 3 million shares on Instagram, the enchanting Lake Garda tops Musement’s ranking.
With its natural beauty and countless activities on offer, around one million tourists each year choose the lake as their holiday destination.
With its huge beaches, it allows visitors to enjoy the sun while relaxing on a deckchair.
In addition, after relaxing, it is possible to explore natural and beautiful villages such as  Riva del Garda,Sirmione, Limone sul Garda and Salò.



From this ranking, therefore, one can see the richness of our country, which offers a wide range of landscapes that enchant tourists from all over the world. And with the holiday season just around the corner, the above-mentioned places could be an original solution for the summer!

Photocredits: Instagram

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