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Coldplay set Naples’ Maradona Stadium ablaze, Chris Martin pays tribute to the city with ‘Napul’è’: 50,000 spectators go wild


Chris Martin and Coldplay


Two words were enough and the Diego Armando Maradona stadium audience exploded.
The “Buonasera uagliu” during the song “Adventure of a Lifetime” literally sent the 50,000 or so concert-goers into raptures.


A packed Maradona, just like during Napoli’s magnificent victories, made Coldplay’s concert even more special.
The Enthusiasm of Neapolitans also shown in terms of tickets sold, since for the two evenings, there will be about 95 thousand people attending the world event.

VIPs attending the event to admire Martin and Coldplay

Among the many people at the concert, there were also distinguished guests, such as Queen Rania of Jordan, the actors Luca Zingaretti and Luisa Ranieri, Pierfrancesco Favino, Niccolò Fabi, Valeria Golino, Matteo Paolillo, Gigi D’Alessio, Caterina Balivo and finally Neapolitan bombers such as Giovanni Simeone and coach Luciano Spalletti.

Martin, after immediately introducing himself in the Neapolitan language, decided to give his own version, as a tribute to the city, of “Napule è” together with Davide Rossi at the end of the concert.
Naturally, the event had a huge media resonance: Instagram was filled with videos of the concert.
The golden period that began with Gigi D’Alessio in Piazza del Plebiscito, continued with Coldplay, passing through Bruce Springsteen and then Tiziano Ferro, seems just destined to continue for a long time.

Coldplay, currently the band that has most influenced the pop scene, contributed greatly to the enthusiasm of the audience, also thanks to the organizational measures taken, placing the stage in a central position so as to be able to embrace everyone on the lawn.
The event was also made special by the band’s setlist, which covered their entire musical history in the live show, starting from their origins and ending with their most recent hits.

The kickoff was given with “Higher Power,” with all the wristbands lighting up for the choreography and colorful balloons flying over the heads of the audience.
A genuinely satisfied Martin continued to thank the audience during “Paradise,” asking them to sing it in a low voice.

Soon after, he took a seat at the piano for the song “The Scientist,” closing the first part of the concert by speaking in Neapolitan and expressing his great desire to come to the city for years.
The second part of the show, dedicated to the moon, started with “Viva la Vida” to later launch “Hymn for the Weekend.”
The now fiery Maradona starts singing at the top of his lungs, before Martin calls a fan onstage who shouts “Forza Napoli,” sending those present into ecstasy.
Next it is the turn of “In My Place” and “Yellow,” which close the second part.

The third part opens with a very heartfelt chorus from the Neapolitan fans, also prompted by Martin wearing the Napoli scarf: “We are the champions of Italy!

From here, the section begins dedicated to the stars, with the band singing “Human Heart,” accompanied by the red hearts on stage. Then it’s Clocks and the lightclub dance moment’s turn with “Infinity Sign,” “Something Just Like This” and “Midnight,” finally closing this third and penultimate part with “My Universe” and “A Sky Full of Stars“, which the singer asks people to listen to and sing along to by putting their cell phones in their pockets.

The last part is dedicated to “Home,” with a tribute to the city of Naples and Pino Daniele with the song “Napule è“: the moment that moved the Neapolitan audience the most.

Naples has waited many and many years but, indeed, it was the best wait in the world.


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